Joey will meet Rachel's mom and Joey's dad when he returns to his hometown while being single

As early as the first minute of Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor , Rachel Nance was ready for the coveted "hometown" milestone. "Hopefully for your next lei, you and I can go to my island and pick one out together," the Honolulu-born suitor told him as the limousine arrived.

Over the course of a few weeks, a fake wedding and a sweet one-on-one date, Rachel and Joey's relationship grows to the point where they're taking the big step of becoming The Bachelor . But things may not go as smoothly as they hope. In a promo for "Hometown," she expresses her desire for her parents' blessing, and then her mom tells Joey, "Yeah, it's just... I wish you the best," before Rachel cries in Joey's arms .

While viewers wait to see how the hometown date plays out, here's everything we know so far about Rachel's mom, dad, and family.

Rachel's mom and dad are her inspirations

In Jasper, Alberta, Rachel hosted Joey for a "soft launch" of her family - showing him photos of her parents who were "madly in love." They embody what Rachel is looking for in a relationship, and she often celebrates her parents on social media. "If I could find a love half as pure as my parents', I would consider myself happy," she wrote on Instagram back in 2019.

She also said her mother was supposed to be a Filipino lady and her father was "the most selfless man in the world."


Rachel also has a sister named Mandy, who is a photographer. According to her Bachelor bio, her family is a "big, tight-knit family" and she's excited to start her own.

Why Rachel's hometown might stand out

Back in October, while Hometown was filming, Reality Steve reported that Rachel's date took place in California. But while Rachel appears to live in the Golden State today, her hometown is Hawaii, which she goes back to frequently and even posted a photo there after filming The Bachelor.

Rachel's Bachelor bio notes that she's "very proud" of her hometown, so it's unclear how the reported change of location might affect the feel of the date — especially since hometown is often something contestants can really relate to. part of, well, being at home.

But heading into a game-changing week, Rachel isn't too worried. She told Joey that her family "would love" him and that she was "100% comfortable and excited" about taking him to meet her loved ones.