All Jennifer Lopez's Wedding Dresses from Screen and Film IRL

Jennifer Lopez has worn many wedding dresses. From her first romantic comedy, The Wedding Planner, to her new movie , This Is Me...Now: A Love Story , she's worn a whopping eight bridal gowns on screen, and that's not counting her real-life Weddings in life.

Throughout her career, the singer has faced a slew of criticism for her relationship history, which has included four marriages and six engagements, including with ex-fiancé Alec before reconciling with now-husband Ben Affleck Rodriguez's high-profile breakup. Combined with her many romantic comedies, seeing Louis as a bride has become a familiar image. In her new film, she reinvents the narrative.

"This Is Me...Now ," premiering on Prime Video on February 16, chronicles the highs and lows of her journey to self-love, while also touching on her previous relationships and poking fun at her fame. For example, in one of the film's music videos, she is married to three different men - played by Tony Bellissimo, Derek Hough and Trevor Jackson - in the span of four minutes.

At this point, the actor, singer, dancer, author, entrepreneur, producer should be adding wedding expert to her ever-growing list of titles. Below, take a look back at 12 times J.Lo wore a wedding dress on screen and in real life.

Her wedding to Ojani Noah

Jennifer Lopez's first wedding dress. Lamy Photography Agency

Before playing an on-screen bride, J.Lo tied the knot in real life, marrying actor and producer Ojani Noa in 1997. Her first wedding dress was a stylish lace gown with floral accessories. Lopez and Noah's marriage lasted less than a year before they divorced in 1998.

wedding planner

Jennifer Lopez 's wedding dress in "The Wedding Planner." Sony Pictures via Amazon Prime Video

J.Lo first appeared on screen as a bride in the 2001 romantic comedy The Wedding Planner , co-starring Matthew McConaughey. After months of resisting an arranged marriage, her character gave in, donned a strapless white dress and married the man her father had chosen for her. But in the end, true love (in the form of McConaughey) wins.

her wedding to chris judd

Jennifer Lopez wedding dress for Cris Judd. Joe Busink/WireImage/Getty Images

In September 2001, J.Lo wore a beaded gown by Valentino to her wedding to second husband Cris Judd. The two were married for a little more than a year and separated in mid-2002.


Jennifer Lopez wedding dress " Enough." Sony Pictures (from Netflix)

If there's one wedding dress on this list that's cursed, it's the one from "Enough." In this movie, J.Lo's wedding isn't a happily ever after, but a brief moment of joy before her husband (Billy Campbell) becomes abusive. Viewers were not able to see the full gown, with the shot only showing J.Lo from the neck up, wearing a veil and some sparkly straps.

Her real wedding to Mark Antony

In 2004, J.Lo married fellow singer Marc Anthony, the father of her twins, Max and Emme. Nearly 20 years later, no photos from the wedding have been released, meaning this is one of the dresses Lopez fans have never seen. But CBS reports she wore a champagne Chantilly lace Vera Wang gown and Neil Lane jewelry on the big day.

Her cinematic wedding to Marc Antony

Jennifer Lopez's wedding dress in "El Cantante." Gladys Vega/WireImage/Getty Images

Yes, J.Lo also marries Anthony in the movie. Anthony played the famous salsa singer Héctor Lavoe, and she played Anthony's wife Puchi in the 2006 film "El Cantante." She wore a '60s-style long-sleeved gown and a luxurious veil. The dress was auctioned for an unknown price in 2014, the same year the couple finalized their divorce.

mother-in-law monster

Jennifer Lopez 's wedding dress in "Monster Marriage." New Line Cinema (Hulu)

In 2005, J.Lo's wedding dress in the movie "Mother-in-Law" was so elegant and regal that her future mother-in-law, played by Jane Fonda (who also appeared in "This Is Me...Now" ) couldn't control. As a result, Fonda's character also shows up to the wedding wearing white, stealing her spotlight.

marry me

Jennifer Lopez 's wedding dress in "Marry Me." Universal Pictures via Amazon Prime Video

From veil to train, J.Lo's gown in "Marry Me" was filled with enough sequins and rhinestones to fit a showgirl ensemble. But in the first concert scene, when she takes the stage, she looks absolutely sparkling. Unfortunately, the dress was also cursed, as her character discovered her fiancé's infidelity shortly before she was set to marry him in a live televised ceremony.

Her first wedding to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez's first Las Vegas wedding dress. Instagram/Chris Appleton

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wear second Las Vegas wedding dresses.

Lopez and Affleck eventually tied the knot twice in July 2022. The couple eloped in Las Vegas with their two children and two wedding dresses.

She wore a never-before-seen "dress from an old movie," designed by Alexander McQueen. Fans suspected it could be a clip from her and Affleck's 2004 film Jersey Girls , as director Kevin Smith said he shot the pair's wedding scene but it didn't make it into the final cut. Her second look was a strapless wedding dress by Zuhair Murad.

Her second wedding to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wear second wedding dresses.

The couple held a larger ceremony for family and friends a month after their Vegas wedding, this time with a custom gown made for her. The bride once again said "I do" wearing a Ralph Lauren Collection gown, which was paired with a simple veil but a luxurious ruffled skirt and train.

Marry with a son

Jennifer Lopez's wedding dress in Shotgun Wedding Amazon Studios (via Amazon Prime Video)

In "Shotgun Wedding ," the actor's gorgeous gown paired with a ridiculously long veil was a real MVP. This wedding dress miraculously survived the shootouts, explosions and hostage situations in the action movie. Sure, it's torn to shreds, but when Lopez's character finally gets married, the foundation remains intact.

This is me... now

Jennifer Lopez's first wedding dress in This Is Me...Now . YouTube/Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's second wedding dress in This Is Me...Now . YouTube/Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo combined three weddings into her "Can't Get Enough" music video for This Is Me...Now and didn't even bother to dress them differently. For the ceremony, she wore a lace gown with heart-shaped cutouts. For the reception, she changed into a short dress, paired with a puffy skirt and feathered headpiece, perfect for dancing the night away.