Bridgerton theory predicts the Featheringtons will leave after season 3

Now that Bridgerton Season 3 is finally set to hit theaters on May 16 (and that's just Part 1), fan speculation is starting to heat up — and frankly, a lot of the predictions make sense.

While these theories usually revolve around Colin and Penelope's romance, as much as the hype surrounding a certain mirror love scene, there are a few theories that have to do with #Polin's respective families.

For example, one such theory is that season three will be the last time viewers see several characters from Day One: The Featheringtons.

scandal squad

If you need a refresher, the Featheringtons are Penelope's family. It's not surprising that Pan chose a career as a gossip columnist, given her family's scandal-ridden past.

In the first series, Mrs. Featherington planned to find a husband for pregnant Marina Thompson (a cousin of the family) so that she could profit from the marriage. In series two, after her husband is murdered over a gambling debt, the matriarch meets her match - the new Lord Featherington - who is her equal in swindling. Portia ultimately sends him away in the finale.

Bottom line? There's always some drama going on in the Featherington family.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

But the connective tissue between Bridgerton and the Featheringtons has always been Penelope - who can often be seen frowning while her mother and sisters are busy plotting. However, once Pan and Colin get married, will viewers see much of the Featheringtons?

Prepare for possible exit

Reddit user u/BeeOfghow23 thinks not. In a recent post, the user explained why season three might be the end of the controversial family's on-screen journey. With Penelope getting married, there will be "no reason" for the show to keep up with Lady Featherington or her other daughters Prudence or Philippa.

Plus, Philippa got married in season two. So if Prudence had also married once she had found her mate, Lady Featherington's conspiratorial services - at least as far as her daughters' relationships were concerned - were no longer needed. The Reddit user said she could live with Penelope. "But personally, after the way they treated her, I think it's unfair."

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Several fans in the comments agreed, noting that the Featheringtons got a lot of screen time in season two. Others, however, said they would miss the humor in Portia's plot. One user wrote: "For me, the Featherington family dynamic is by far the most comedic part of the show and I love it."

Another thought there was definitely room for Portia to fill the "nosy mother-in-law" role. After all, in the season two finale, she managed to forge documents stating that her eldest grandson would inherit the Featherington estate. Could that be a #Polin baby?