Bachelor theory predicts big season finale twist

If you're a Bachelor viewer who doesn't mind spoilers, you've probably known for a while who will get Joey Graziardi's final rose. ("The Bachelor" may contain spoilers .) Popular Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve reported after filming wrapped in November that Joey and Daisy Kent got engaged in Tulum, Mexico.

Given Joey and Daisy's connection so far on The Bachelor , this rumor feels like a safe bet. But not all viewers believed the leak, and even Reality Steve included a disclaimer in his initial report. "Obviously, the finale won't air until mid-March, so who knows what the next four months will bring," he wrote last fall.

Potentially, a lot. According to sleuths on Reddit, Joey may actually be with Kelsey Anderson.

'Safe House' spoilers?

If you've dived into The Bachelor spoilers before, you probably already know the term "SHV," which stands for safe house visit. If not, it refers to a place where the main character and the eventual rose recipient can spend a few days together during the season's run so they don't give away their endings. (Former Bachelorette Ari Fedotowsky has written about these visits, and sometimes they're aired — like during Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco's Bachelorette breakup. )

On February 20, Reddit user u/Sand Betweenhertoes posted screenshots of Joey and Kelsey's respective social media posts, which allegedly placed them in the same rental house. Other users have compiled the claims, noting that features in the background of Kelsey and Joey's videos match the reported location of the safe house.


There may be a twist going forward

While none of these clues are confirmed, the relationship between Joey and Kelsey could add some context to the season finale, which he described as something that "has never happened before." If Reality Steve is right about Joey and Daisy getting engaged, then maybe something unexpected happened that led him to end up with Kelsey.

On a related note, the same day the screenshot went viral on Reddit, Joey shared a clip from an Extra interview in which he offered some theories about the season's mysterious ending. Reality Steve also admitted to the safe house claims on his February 21 podcast.

"I'm looking at everything right now. So, those photos, do they match the ending that I've heard about? It's hard to say because I need to fill in those details," the podcaster said, adding that when he has more answers, he will follow up.