The Bachelor's Gerry & Teresa Reveal First Valentine's Day Plans

"The Bachelor 's" Gerry Turner and Theresa Nester are getting ready to celebrate their first Valentine's Day as a married couple.

The newlyweds shared their plans in a conversation with, revealing they planned to celebrate with a wholesome Theresa's Aloha Chicken dinner on date night.

Sharing the full recipe, Gerry spoke about his love for his wife's cooking, adding that he loves buying her jewelry in return "for no reason."

Theresa and Gerry on "The Bachelor." Disney/John Fleno

The couple also revealed what they love most about each other during their sit-down. "I loved how kind and sensitive she was to everyone she met," Gerry said, while Teresa explained that she loved that her husband "always stood up for what he believed in."

This is their first holiday together

The celebration will be a major milestone for them as they spent Christmas apart before their wedding.

"Gerry and I are celebrating with our family, but will be together again in a few days," Teresa said on Instagram on December 24, while also wishing her followers a "very happy day." (Gerry) Christmas”.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nester. Instagram / Teresa Nistel

The Bachelor star tied the knot in a televised ceremony on Jan. 4 at the La Quinta Resort & Club near Palm Springs.

Two weeks after the big day, they reenacted their first date on the ABC show to give fans an update on their married life.

"The dinner date is part of our, I had to take Gerry to a restaurant in New Jersey," Teresa wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of the meal. "(Give him) eggs, bacon and pancakes, give me a spinach and feta omelette and a fruit cup... it's so fun," she said.