Air Master cast: actors and real-life characters

Here's everything you need to know about everyone in the cast of Air Masters, along with details on each real-life character and the actors who play them.

"Air Masters" is the third part of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' World War II "trilogy" after "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific". It records the heroic and tragic actions of the 8th Air Force. deeds; more specifically, the "Bloody Hundred", a bomb group that suffered unimaginable losses while carrying out daylight bombing raids on Nazi Germany.

Based on Donald L. Miller’s book, it describes “the psychological and emotional toll these young men took on helping to destroy the horrors of Hitler’s Third Reich… Some were shot down and captured; Captured; some were shot down and captured; some were wounded or killed. Some are lucky enough to return home. Whatever their personal fate, they all paid a price. "

Much like its HBO predecessors, Air Masters boasts a huge cast and incredible star power - so with episodes 1 to 9 airing and the show officially coming to an end (you can read our review of Detailed analysis of the ending), here's a rundown of the cast.


Austin Butler: Major Gail "Buck" Cliven Callum Turner: John "Bucky" Egan Major Anthony Boyle: Major Harry Crosby Nate Mann: Major Robert "Rosie" Rosenthal Barry Keoghan: Lieutenant Curtis Biddick Ncuti Gatwa: Major Robert Daniels Brandon Cook: 2nd Lieutenant Alexander Jefferson Elie Ott Warren: Captain James Douglas Love Law: Sergeant. Ken Lemons Kay Alexander: Sergeant. William Quinn Bailey Brooke: Sergeant. Charles K. Bailey James Murray: Colonel Chick Harding Spielberg as Roy Frank Claytor Lieutenant Edward Ashley: John B. Kidd Lieutenant Colonel Bel Powley: AM Westgate Isabel May: Maggie Emma Canning: Helen

Air Master cast and characters

Below, you'll find details about everyone in the cast of Air Masters who you should know. We've also tried our best to show you the actors and the real-life characters they played on the show.

Austin Butler as Major Gale "Buck" Craven

Apple TV+/The 100th Bomb Group Archives

Austin Butler stars as Major Gale Craven, better known as "Buck" who also happens to be "Bucky's" best friend. He was also a highly respected original member of the 100th Bomb Group and a formidable command pilot who led his men through the toughest odds in the sky.

Butler quickly rose to fame after roles in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Elvis, as well as upcoming villain roles in Dune: Part 2 and Biker.

Callum Turner as Major John "Bucky" Egan

Apple TV+/The 100th Bomb Group Archives

Callum Turner plays Major John Egan, better known as "Bucky". Along with Barker, he was one of the first pilots assigned to No. 100 Squadron, tasked with overseeing "35 aircraft and 350 aircrews... boys who had not yet seen combat" - but he believed he was better suited to the role. Squadron Commander.

Turner is best known for playing Theseus Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts films and has also appeared in Green Room, Emma and The Boys on the Boat.

Anthony Boyle as Major Harry Crosby

Apple TV+/The 100th Bomb Group Archives

Anthony Boyle plays Major Harry Crosby, an air navigator aboard the Flying Fortress who has a rather unfortunate affliction: he can't stop vomiting once the plane is airborne. He was also humble, especially when his calculations saved lives around him.

Boyle has also appeared in Tetris, Tolkien and Game of Thrones.

Nate Mann as Major Robert "Rosie" Rosenthal

Apple TV+/Family Handout

Nate Mann plays Major Robert Rosenthal, known as "Rosie." He joined the 100th as losses were mounting, but his driving skills far exceeded those of more experienced men.

Mann made his film debut in "Ray Donavan" and went on to appear in "Liquorice Pizza," "Wicked" and "The Divorced Man."

Barry Keoghan as Lieutenant Curtis Biddick

Apple TV+/James Potts

Barry Keoghan plays Lieutenant Curtis Biddick, one of the first pilots assigned to the 100th Bomb Group.

Keoghan is quickly becoming one of the world's most recognized talents, starring in Saltburn, The Batman, Inisherin, The Eternals, Dunkirk and "The Killing of a Sacred Deer."

Ncuti Gatwa: 2nd Lt. Robert Daniels

Apple TV+/Cradle of Aviation Museum

Ncuti Gatwa stars as Lieutenant Robert Daniels, a fighter pilot for the Tuskegee Airmen, also known as the Red Rails.

Gatwa rose to fame playing Eric in Sex Education, but he recently made his acting debut as the Fifteenth Doctor in Doctor Who. He also played Ken in "Barbie."

Brandon Cook: 2nd Lieutenant Alexander Jefferson

Apple TV+/National Air and Space Museum

Brandon Cook plays 2nd Lt. Alexander Jefferson, another fighter pilot in the Red Tails.

Cooke is probably best known for his role as Evan in Tell Me Lies, but he has also appeared in Chicago PD and Industry.

Eliot Warren: Lieutenant James Douglas

Apple TV+/John Lucado

Elliot Warren plays Lieutenant James Douglass, a bombardier with No. 100 Squadron who flew with Harry Crosby.

Warren has also appeared in The Batman (remember that guy who was beaten to a pulp in the first trailer - that's him), I Hate Suzy, Silent Witness and The Way of Sex .

Raff Rau: Sergeant. Ken Lemons

Apple TV+/The 100th Bomb Group Archives

Ralph Rau plays Sgt. Ken Lemmons, a sergeant with the 100th Regiment, spends his days repairing planes and making sure they are fit for combat. He is arguably one of the most important members of the organization.

Jude Law's son Law also appeared in "Repo Men" and "Twist."

Kay Alexander: Sergeant. William Quinn

Apple TV+

Kai Alexander plays Sgt. William Quinn, a young radio operator who joined No. 100.

Alexander played Jeffrey in Catastrophe and has appeared in The Strangers, Pistols and The Doctors.

Bailey Brooke: Sergeant. Charles Bailey

Apple TV+/The 100th Bomb Group Archives

Bailey Brooke plays Sgt. Charles K. Bailey, a gunner assigned to the 100th Regiment, flew with William Quinn.

"Master of the Air" is Brooke's second role after starring in "Rise" in 2022.

James Murray as Colonel Chick Harding

Apple TV+/The 100th Bomb Group Archives

James Murray plays Colonel Chick Harding, commander of the 100th Regiment.

Murray has also played Sandy Hunt in Coronation Street, North Square, Cutting It, Primal, Defiance and Prince Andrew in The Crown.

Sawyer Spielberg as Lieutenant Roy Frank Claytor

Apple TV+/The 100th Bomb Group Archives

Sawyer Spielberg plays Lieutenant Roy Frank Claytor, the co-pilot who flies with Buck.

Not only is he Steven Spielberg's son, but he's also appeared in Red Band Society, The Post, and Happy Enough.

Edward Ashley as Lieutenant Colonel John B. Kidd

Apple TV+/Kidd Selections

Edward Ashley plays Lieutenant Colonel John B. Kidd, a well-respected senior figure in the 100th Regiment, among the top brass and Buck, Bucky and others. Act as a middleman.

Ashley has also appeared in The Lost City of Z, The Terror and The King.

Bel Powley: AM Westgate

Apple TV+

Bel Powley plays AM Westgate, a lieutenant who shares a room with Harry Crosby in Oxford. Unlike the other characters, she wasn't a real person, but she was inspired by someone Crosby met during the war.

Bowley also starred in "The King of Staten Island," "Diary of a Teenage Girl," "Little Lights" and "The Morning Show."

Isabel May as Maggie

Apple TV+

Isabel May plays Maggie, Buck's girlfriend back home.

May also played Elsa Dutto in the 1883 and 1923 "Yellowstone" spin-offs, and Veronica in "Young Sheldon."

Emma Canning as Helen

Apple TV+

Emma Canning stars as Helen, an American Red Cross member stationed at Thorpe Abbott.

Canning also has roles in "Outlander," "Domina," and will appear in "Castle: India."

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