These Bachelor spoilers reveal Maria's fate after Episode 4

The tension between Mariah Giogas and Sidney Gordon has been a major part of Joey Graziardi's season of The Bachelor . So when fans got a glimpse of a two-on-one date in the Week 4 trailer, they were obviously excited. But ultimately, the trio's outing wasn't the most dramatic part of the Feb. 12 incident.

To recap: As Joey takes Maria and Sydney on a boat trip around Malta, he tries to make sense of their feud and bullying accusations. But as he told the camera, the date left him "more confused than before."

This leaves Joey worried about the lingering drama. "If I choose Maria and everything Sydney says is true, then it won't be left behind," he said.

controversial rose

After Maria is chosen for dinner (which is followed, fittingly, by a live performance of "Ave Maria"), tensions rise between the remaining women. Lea Cayanan in particular was devastated to see Sydney leave - even more so when her fellow contestants welcomed Maria back into the fold. She even accused Medina Alam of "changing her attitude" and being nice to Maria, later telling Joy she was "shocked" that Sidney was home.

The cold reception was unbearable for Maria, who left the group's home in Malta in tears. "I just want to go home," she said. "I hate this. I don't care. Give my rose to someone else. I'm telling Joey now. I'm leaving."

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In classic Bachelor cliffhanger fashion, the episode ends here. Luckily, due to a schedule change, there's another episode less than 24 hours away. But if you can't wait that long, there are reports whether Mariah will be returning home on The Bachelor . Spoilers ahead!

Mariah’s Bachelor Spoilers

As usual, the leaks regarding Mariah's fate on The Bachelor come from blogger and podcaster Reality Steve. While he didn't specifically mention the cliffhanger in his coverage of Joey's season, he wrote that Maria continued her journey, reportedly getting a date with " Pretty Woman " (lucky contestants got to go on a shopping spree), which It's a good sign that her relationship with Joey remains on track.

Need another piece of proof that Maria is still around? In the season trailer that Joy released a few weeks ago, there's a clip of her apparently one-on-one.


After that, Mariah reportedly returned to her hometown with Joey. However, Reality Steve writes that she was eliminated before the Fantasy Suites in Tulum, Mexico - so she didn't go on to win the final rose.

However, some viewers have expressed their hope that Mariah will continue on Bachelor in Paradise .