Leslie reveals heartfelt reason why she decided to attend golden wedding

Ever since Gerry Turner and Theresa Nestor got engaged and announced their Bachelorette wedding, fans have been asking questions — like, what's on the playlist? Will they sign a prenuptial agreement? Perhaps most importantly, will runner-up Leslie Fhima attend the wedding?

The fitness trainer from Minneapolis was caught off guard by Gerry on The Bachelor finale. Although Gerry told Leslie she was "the one" in "Fantasy Suite," Gerry apparently changed her tune after her final date with Teresa.

"So everything you told me that night was a lie," Leslie said at the time.

Despite her tearful exit from the show, Leslie wrote on Instagram that she felt "grateful" for her journey. "This experience has opened my heart and I'm excited for the next chapter, no matter where it goes." So she seems to be in a good place after the reality show ends. But will it be enough to get her back on set - namely, the set of Gerry and Teresa's live wedding?

"I don't know if she's going to come."

When Teresa was asked about the wedding guest list on "Bachelor Happy Hour," she said she would invite Leslie. However, she added, "I don't know if she's going to come."

Gerry said he wouldn't mind his predecessor's presence. "Because I have a deep affection and respect for her," he said. “If she’s comfortable there, I’m certainly comfortable having her there.”

Disney/John Fleno

Of course, both Gerry and Teresa seemed aware that Leslie might not be attending the wedding so soon after her breakup with Gerry.

She is very busy this month

From a purely practical standpoint, Leslie might just be too busy to attend Gerry and Theresa's wedding. On January 8, she is scheduled to teach a dance class in Minneapolis, and on January 12, she will lead a fitness retreat in Costa Rica.

So she may prefer to prepare for her career plans whenever possible rather than look at her ex and say "I do."

medical emergency

On top of that, Leslie recently revealed that she experienced a medical emergency on her 65th birthday. She explained on Instagram (via Screen Rant ) that she had to undergo surgery for an intestinal blockage.

Leslie Fhima in 2023. John Fleno/Disney Universal Entertainment Content/Getty Images

After a few days in the hospital, Leslie said she would be able to go home on New Year's Eve - just days before her golden wedding. While only Leslie and her medical team can talk about her recovery time, it would definitely make sense if Leslie stayed home to recuperate for a while.

Leslie weighs in

So, what's the verdict? After all, Leslie did attend Gerry and Teresa's wedding! She announced she will be traveling there on January 3 via Instagram Story. "Right now, I'm definitely getting better," she said in the video. "I'm feeling much better and now I can go to the wedding. I can't wait to support Gerry and Teresa on their beautiful day. I know it's going to be very, very amazing."

Leslie also expressed a supportive atmosphere during an interview at the wedding, telling Kathy Swarts, who served as the wedding reporter, why she decided to attend.

"At our age, we have to celebrate love," she said. "Teresa and I are great friends. We've supported each other throughout our time at home and throughout this journey. I'm very, very happy for her and Gerry."