Barbie turns serious Oscar night into a pink party

Oppenheimer may be the big winner at the 2024 Oscars, but Bappenheimer's other half brought all the playful party spirit to the March 10 ceremony.

The Academy Awards marked the culmination of Barbie 's hold on pop culture: the theories, the shockingly pink Barbie, the Barbie bangs, the heartbreaking relevance of "What was I born for?" Billie Eilish.

The spirit of the film will continue to live on, but this may be the last official celebration for a while - unless the sequel succeeds. As such, the show incorporated many elements from the film into the evening, from a promo of Kate McKinnon's quirky Barbie to two fantastic musical performances.

Hi Barbie!

One of the Sweetest Something happened before the ceremony started. As several fans on X (formerly Twitter) pointed out, this may be the last time Margot Robbie receives and hands out the "Hi, Barbie!" red carpet greeting—at least for a while. If so, what a fitting bookend for this era.

As Robbie recently told The Hollywood Reporter , she's still a fan of Barbie pink, even if she didn't wear it to the Oscars. "I will always love it," she said. "I just have happy memories associated with it. I love the color. Everyone looks great."

Rich Polk/Variety/Getty Images

Billie Eilish got her flowers

Billie Eilish earned a standing ovation for her performance in "What Was I Made For?" Along with her brother and collaborator Finneas. Seeing the audience's reaction, she could only say "Wow" in emotion.

Patrick T. Fallon/AFP/Getty Images

The competition continues

Last summer, moviegoers planned on spending an entire July day at the movie theater watching Barbie and Oppenheimer back to back. So when Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling teamed up to present an award, it was a natural opportunity to continue their friendly rivalry.

"I kind of understand why they call it 'Barbenheimer' and not 'Oppenbarbie,'" Gosling told Blunt. "You guys are at the tail end of this thing because you're riding Barbie in a tuxedo all summer long."

Rich Polk/Variety/Getty Images

Blunt quickly responded: "Thanks Ken for explaining this to me, okay? "I needed to draw my abs to get nominated. "You wouldn't see Robert Downey Jr. do that."

"I'm Just Will" takes the stage

Shortly after, Gosling returned to the stage to perform the highly anticipated "I'm Just Ken."

Before Oscar night, he told W magazine , "I never thought about it until now, and now it's all I think about. ... Are you getting paid to sing at the Oscars? Do you have to drive yourself? What's involved? Such scratches? At least they'll pick you up, right?"

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Gosling seemed to have the logistics figured out, as he gave a lively performance of the Ken Anthem, with great production values, and took the time to dance with the Barbie team who were seated in the audience.

Barbie Night's Big Win

Of course, Barbie couldn't finish her run without setting some kind of record. The film's only Academy Award for Best Original Song went to Eilish and Finneas, making the siblings the youngest two-time winners in Oscar history.