Congratulations to the rock climbing community on the Oscar nomination. These 5 rock climbing blockbusters are worth watching, re-watching, re-watching, and re-watching.

Free Solo, which has won BAFTA and Oscar, must be opened first. This year is undoubtedly a big victory for Alex Honnold, Jimmy Chin and Chai team, and rock climbing has entered the eyes of more people. Every movie is a top-of-the-line recommendation that I watch over and over again. Some are jaw-dropping and curse words are spoken, some are meaningful, some are not so serious, or... you can see through the screen here. Get the joy of rock climbing, climb with the masters, be inspired, laugh out your abs, and see who you want to be

1. Freesolo / free solo rock climbing

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Rocker: Alex Honnold

Recommendation index: 200 points (out of 100 points)

Introduction: Freesolo chronicles Alex Honnold's free solo climb of El Capitan. Here, in the words of rock circle legend Nine-Finger Tommy, ordinary people will find his story (free-handed rock climbing) very remarkable when they hear it, and rock climbers will be frightened when they hear it. Different from the previous National Geographic documentary "Alone on the Wall" about Honnold's free climbing in Yosemite, this time it focuses on his more human side, which resonates a lot with the audience, especially fellow rock climbers. He is not a climbing machine or beast that can reach the sky in one step. He will also struggle between pain and climbing, climbing and feelings, lack of self-confidence, etc. He also talks about his worries about falling from the sides of his girlfriend, friends and work partners, etc. . Although we all know that the result is that he successfully climbed a large granite rock with a net height of more than a thousand meters without the use of ropes or any protective measures, but every step he took on the 100-meter vertical rock wall was noticeable. My heart is frightened and my palms are sweaty. After reading it, I felt that he was really not a human being, and I had to lament his greatness and incredibleness as a human being and as a rock climber.

Address directions: This film has been released in major theaters in North America. Foreign friends should not miss it to watch it in the cinema. In addition, you can also watch it by paying on Youtube. Originally, friends in China could watch it for free on an English alphabet website, but recently Suddenly disappeared. No matter what, everyone supports the genuine version.

Extended viewing:

"Alone on the Wall / Alone on the Wall"

"What if HeFalls? / What to do if he falls"

2. TheDamn Wall Dawn Wall

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Rockers: Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson, Beth Rodden, etc.

Recommendation index: 120 points

Introduction: The Dawn Wall and El Capitan, Honnold's free climbing, are far away from each other. It is another large rock wall that is difficult for ordinary people to climb. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson climbed Free Climb (note that this is not Free Solo. Free Climb is just using ropes. Free Solo is a climbing method that protects climbers without the help of any external force. Free Solo is a person who does not even have a protective rope and only relies on his own hands and feet to climb. If he falls, he will be injured.) The experience of "the world's most difficult climbing cliff" Dawn Wall. The first complete decryption of Tommy, his ex-wife and friends who were kidnapped by terrorists while climbing in the Kara-Su Valley of Kyrgyzstan. They had to face life and death choices, which had a major impact and change on their entire life, personality and marriage. . This leads to the highlight of the entire film: years of persistent climbing on the Dawn Wall.

Address directions: An English alphabet website: av41003916; paid viewing on Youtube

Extended viewing: "The FitzTraverse"

3. Valley Uprising/ Valley Uprising

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Rock Climbing: All the famous rock climbing legends in history are listed here.

Recommendation index: 130 points

Introduction: Valley Uprising is Reel Rock’s ninth documentary. It is no exaggeration to say that I have watched this documentary about the history of rock climbing no less than 5 times. It mainly focuses on the "grats and grievances" between generations of dirtbags born in Yosemite, and the decisive battle across the centuries. There are the serious seniors who are not serious and their love and madness. In order to adhere to this lifestyle, how to deal with the mounted police and how to live the happiest life with minimalism (that is, the homeless lifestyle), many of which involve patagonia. The brand was born and so on. This film was sponsored by many rock climbing outdoor brands. It can be said that the atmosphere and narration are very lively and dirty. I often laugh out loud while watching it. The BGM of the entire film is also very good. It has been on our playlist for a long time. I use it when moving horizontally.

Address directions: English alphabet station: av17366175, but it is raw meat; Youku is also raw meat, and Youtube can be set to have subtitles

Extended viewing: U.S. National Parks: America’s Best Creations (Complete Records of North American National Parks) av10011851 (not much directly related to rock climbing, one episode is about the history of the development of Yosemite, which has some overlap with the development of rock climbing)

4. Silence/ The Road to Silence 5.15d

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Rocker: Adam Ondra

Recommendation index: 100 points

Introduction: Adam Ondra is another name that cannot be avoided when it comes to rock climbing. The documentary Reel Rock 13 calls this era Age of Adam to know his status in the rock climbing world - the world's top rock climber. Silence is a rare and excellent work, both in terms of the way it was filmed and the way it was completed, as well as in the sense of climbing the 5.15d world's most difficult route. The entire route is a climb to the ceiling at an elevated angle, all bouldering, and every step is refined and precise. It is a confrontation between humans and the rock wall, and it is also a challenge to oneself and oneself. Every once in a while I will read it and feel the purity and tranquility of rock climbing.

Viewing directions: English alphabet station: av26023455 cooked meat; Youtube

5. Wheel OfLife Direct/ reincarnation V15

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Rock: James Kassay

Recommendation index: 100 points

Introduction: This film is different from the previous recommendations. It is neither sponsored by a big brand nor a big production. It is 5 and a half minutes long. It is a pure record of bouldering in one shot. It is very pure and simple. Kassay climbed the large horizontal eaves with his upper body naked. The complete climb is different from the ordinary super-difficult and long bouldering routes. The movements are clear and in place, which is very suitable for experienced rock climbers. V15, the difficulty is self-evident, the whole process is smooth and unhurried, extremely comfortable, just like the name "reincarnation"

Watch the directions:


Friends who are interested in the above recommendations (including extended viewing) can directly go to my (Chenchen in the Wilderness) personal collection collection "Rock Climbing Movies Worth Watching, Watching, and Watching Again" at Station B. In addition to free-hand rock climbing and reincarnation, B All the websites are included in it.

I appeal to everyone to support the genuine version, especially those in North America who are able to do so. Since most of the works have not been released in China (or because they cannot use YouTube), it is not easy to see them. It’s better to watch the movie early, otherwise the Oscar nominations will be removed from the shelves at some point.

Correction: The English name of Dawn Wall should be The Dawn Wall, but if you watch the movie, you will think it is called Damn Wall.