Will Kelsey leave The Bachelor? Spoilers reveal the answer

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson's Bachelor journey reached new heights on the March 11 episode of the show — from admitting they love each other to sharing their love for each other in the Fantasy Suite Sharing a lovely breakfast afterward.

But a warning from Bachelor Gold runner-up Leslie Fhima when she visited Kelsey in Tulum ultimately made her question everything. Leslie had an equally great fantasy suite date with Gerry Turner, but didn't get his final rose. So, she told Kelsey to proceed with caution. "I wish I wasn't so confident," she said, telling Kelsey to remember that she "probably isn't like this."

Kelsey did it. After the date, she began to doubt her relationship with Joey and left him a note that read, "We need to talk."

"If something goes wrong, if she needs to leave or something happens, it can derail everything," Joy said. "I don't know. I don't want her to leave. I want her to be here - I want her to want to be here. It's like my worst nightmare come true."

So...did Kelsey leave The Bachelor like Joey feared, or was this a red herring? There are reports on how the rest of Joey's season will go. There may be spoilers ahead!


What does Kelsey need to talk about?

To recap, the final part of the March 11 episode of The Bachelor saw Kelsey struggling while Joey had another fantasy suite outing. "If it wasn't for me, I don't think I would have gotten over this," she said in a confessional. "I'm going to collapse."

So Kelsey decided to leave a note inviting Joey to meet before the penultimate rose ceremony. She said she didn't want to catch him off guard, but time was of the essence. "I would rather leave now than have my heart completely broken," she said.


So it seems like Kelsey needs to secure her spot in Joey's final two games. Otherwise, she might consider quitting early.

Kelsey's Destiny Fantasy Suite

Given Joey's backlash, Kelsey's fans may be worried that her message won't have the desired effect. After all, Maria George told Joey that he had been considering leaving early for weeks before - and he wasn't happy that she was ready to leave so easily.

But according to Reality Steve, Kelsey is not leaving The Bachelor. In fact, she reportedly made it to the end of Joey's season and took home his final rose.

While the Bachelor Nation blogger initially called Daisy Kent the winner of the season, he announced a few months later that his spoiler was wrong based on a fan's social media poll that claimed to show Joe Yi and Kelsey together after filming.