Clay regrets comparing himself to this blind love pair

The wedding is coming soon in Love Is Blind Season 6. In the latest episode, which aired on February 28, the couple struggled to get ready to step into the altar. Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and Clay Gravesande managed to escape their love triangle with Matthew Duliba, but life back in Charlotte, North Carolina brought new insecurities.

For Clay, one of those was realized in a very complete way by watching Love Is Blind.

"Seeing the examples that I saw, I thought, wow ...this is what a husband should be like," Clay told AD in episode 10. Watching another man "say all the right things," Clay continued, made him feel like he wasn't "mature" enough to get married on his own.

"I see some guys who are really ready, and I look at myself like, damn ," he said. "I'm a little embarrassed about this, especially expressing this to you."

So which Love Is Blind success story does Clay compare himself to? He tells Bustle that it will be Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell in Season 4.

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"I was like, oh, no, I'm not like Brett," Clay recalled of watching the fan-favorite couple, whose love story aired last spring. "It probably made me more pessimistic about myself...but AD did a good job of convincing me."


As you'll recall, Brett and Tiffany were one of the few "Love Is Blind" couples who not only said "I do," but are still together today. Comparing himself to them and facing the memory of his own father's infidelity left Clay feeling insecure about his journey to the altar. But as he puts it, AD didn’t let him dwell on negative self-talk for long.

"I don't want what you see on TV. I don't want that," she assured him in episode 10. "I'm so content and happy with you and I love everything that comes out of your mouth - it might be a little silly, but, like, I deal with it and I come back. I'm not scared."

Regret about shooting

Fans will have to wait and see if Clay and AD's relationship can transcend the Love Is Blind "Experiment." But until then, Clay is reflecting on his journey and admitting he would be in a different area doing things differently today.

"I'm going to be more involved in the process, especially in Charlotte," Clay said, adding that production schedules often conflict with his work schedule (as viewers saw in the latest batch of episodes ). "I do think it definitely affected some of the arguments between me and the AD. So I'm going to plan my schedule more in advance and try to work with the production staff so that I can be in every scene."