You Won't See the Expat Book Ending Coming

It might be a while before fans get to see the highly anticipated third installment of Big Little Lies . But in the meantime, Nicole Kidman has a new drama about motherhood, trauma, and female relationships that you'll be just as fascinated by.

Prime Video's new drama " Expat" is adapted from Janice YK Lee's 2016 novel "Expat ". Kidman, Ji-Young Ryu and Sarayo Blue star as Margaret, Macy and Hillary, three American women living in Hong Kong who are thrown into the world in surprising ways by a tragic event. each other's orbits.

The series premiered on January 26 and is updated weekly, so you'll have to wait until the finale on February 23 to see the full conclusion to the women's stories. But you can take a quick look and see what happens next. To that end, here’s a spoiler-filled review of the book The Expat .

Meet expats

Margaret and her husband Clark live in Hong Kong with their three children, Daisy, Philip and son G. (G's name was changed to Gus in the show.)

Hilary and her husband, David, had been trying to have a child but had grown increasingly distant. Therefore, Hilary (also a friend of Margaret) considered adopting a son, Julian, as a single parent.

Mercy is a single woman in her 20s who moved to Hong Kong after college and found a job as a nanny for Margaret's family.

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During a fateful trip to Seoul, Messi was babysitting the children on a busy street when G disappeared. The 4-year-old boy was nowhere to be found, and Margaret was devastated by his death but still hoped to find him.

domino effect

Messi spent the next year experiencing the guilt and depression caused by the tragedy. She eventually began an affair with David, who suddenly disappeared from Hilary's life. Macy also started dating Charlie, an acquaintance from college. But when she learned she was pregnant with David's child, she ended her relationship with Charlie and decided to give birth to the child.

Meanwhile, Hilary decides to adopt Julian on her own. When she told David about it, he told her about his affair and Macy's pregnancy.

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One day, while Hilary and Margaret are playing catch-up, they realize that the person who changed their lives forever is the same woman, Macy.

amazing support

Margaret also emailed Mercy (their first communication since G's disappearance) and the ladies decided to meet for a meal. Both women spoke honestly about their pain and seemed to draw some conclusions from the experience.

Messi soon gave birth to a daughter in the fall, nearly two years after the incident. Margaret and Hilary both came to the hospital to show their support. It's a testament to the unusual bond between these three that each woman has forged a distinctly different path to motherhood.