All The Bachelor spoilers for Joey Graziadei’s season

Joey Graziadei and Charity Lawson's Bachelorette relationship ended with a touching farewell, and now her runner-up is embarking on her own rose-filled journey. Wait, in fact, he has already done so. Season 28 of The Bachelor is filming this fall, so there's a lot to report about dates, travel locations, and rose ceremonies. In fact, Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve even reported the name of the woman who got Joey's final rose (more on that later).

Before production began, the Hawaii tennis coach said he wanted to complete The Bachelor as an individual. So while DMs from former Bachelorettes like Ben Higgins and Arie Luyendyk Jr. offered their wisdom, Joey told Entertainment Tonight: He politely declined any instructions.

"I appreciate everyone's love and support, but I'm really excited to do it in my own way," he recalled. "I don't think I really need to ask anyone for advice. I guess I have to look inward. I'm here for a reason and I'm going to do whatever I can to prove it."

Ostensibly, the reason is to meet his perfect match. (Yes, there will be a lot of tennis puns this season. Allow yourself to adapt.) So, does he do it? If you don’t mind knowing the ending, here’s a spoiler recap for Joey’s Bachelor .

Disney/Gizelle Hernandez

Multiple self-eliminations are expected

Exits usually happen during the rose ceremony, but as Bachelor fans know, drama can prompt contestants to go home early on their own terms. According to Reality Steve, this happened a few times during Joey's bachelor season. The first to self-eliminate was Lauren Hollinger, who reportedly left because her sister Allison (yes, there are sisters this season) "liked [Joy] better." To be honest, my sister is very active!

Reality Steve added that Lexi Young later sent herself home because her and Joey's "marriage and child schedules didn't align."

Lexi and Joey on The Bachelor . Disney/John Fleno

Travel is back, baby

Aside from his hometown and sleepovers, Gerry Turner's golden season of The Bachelor mostly takes place in and around the Bachelor Mansion. However, Joey's season of The Bachelor will reportedly resume jet-setting to Malta, Spain, Canada, and finally to Tulum, Mexico for an overnight stay and finale.

yeah! A dramatic two-on-one date

Nothing shakes up a season of The Bachelor quite like a two-on-one date, which is often used to resolve drama between two contestants and, more often than not, results in one of them being sent home. Maria George and Sidney Gordon reportedly went on a horrible date this season. The full details of their beef are unclear, but Reality Steve wrote, "Joy trusted Mariah over Sydney."

Maria from "The Bachelor." Disney/Richard Middlesworth

So Sidney went home and Maria stayed. But it's not for the sake of being too long , longer.

Joey’s last 3 women were…

According to Reality Steve, Mariah was eliminated after returning home. This leaves three women - Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson and Rachel Nance - to accompany Joey on an overnight date in Tulum.

The blogger added that Rachel was the next to be eliminated.

Is Joey engaged?

Daisy from "The Bachelor." Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Reality Steve reports that Joey and Daisy got engaged in Tulum. What makes this especially meaningful is that Daisy reportedly went on her first one-on-one date of the season, so it sounds like they had a special connection from day one.