It's Like That...Fan Theory Predicts Revenge Twist

Six months after the second season of This Is It ended, fans still can't get over Aidan Shaw's five-year ultimatum. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) has sold her iconic Upper East Side apartment and moved into a new townhouse with Aidan (John Corbett)… Instead he said they needed to wait five years until his son came of age before they could get married. We can finally be together.

The ending left fans frustrated, and according to a Reddit theory, Aidan may have had ulterior motives.

In Sex and the City season 4, Aidan buys Carrie's place and the unit next door, with plans to turn the two into a huge apartment (well, by New York standards). After Kelly broke up with him (again), Charlotte came to the rescue, selling her old engagement ring and giving Kelly the funds to buy back the apartment, which may have surprised Aidan.

"I don't think Aidan was planning on buying her apartment, let alone being able to come up with half the money like in the contract or anything," the Reddit user speculated.

Sarah Jessica Parker So... Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Over 20 years and two marriages later, Aidan and Kelly have found their way to each other on AJLT . But when they tried to move in together again, Aidan said he was too traumatized to even set foot in Carrie's apartment, so they had to find another solution.

This time, the roles are reversed, and Carrie buys their new digs: a Gramercy Park townhouse with plenty of room for Aidan's kids to spend the night. She was so confident in the move that she even sold her apartment to her downstairs neighbor Lisette to steal.

However, on her last night at the apartment, Aidan finally stepped inside and dropped the five-year bomb. However, it was too late for Carrie, so she still moved into her new home the next morning, armed only with her belongings and new cat shoes.

John Corbett and Sarah Jessica Parker So... Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Not only did Aidan get Carrie to promise they'd get back together (again) within five years, but he also managed to get her to leave her old apartment. "Looks like he's out for revenge or something," the Reddit user said. "Almost like he was angry at Carrie for marrying Big and wanted to eventually kick her out of her apartment?"

Some fans agreed, saying Aidan was "always manipulative" and that his torment at Kylie's former home was "too much."

One user argued, "I don't think he ever really got over his feelings for her, but he's the type of person who allows others to walk all over them, but then quietly resents it and vents that resentment in a passive-aggressive way."

However, other users didn't think Aidan was thinking that far ahead with his long-term revenge plan. One fan believes the show's writers didn't do the same, feeling they didn't incorporate enough SATC lore into the new episodes. But whatever Aidan's true intentions with Carrie were, he won in the end.