Gilmore Girls Valentine's Day Episode Predicts This Big Breakup

If you're looking for a movie with a feel-good rom-com vibe for Valentine's Day...don't pick Gilmore Girls. Or, specifically, don't watch the Season 6 episode titled "Valentine's Day on the Vineyard."

While the show has its many romantic moments, Luke, Lorelai, Rory, and Logan's trip to Martha's Vineyard is a poignant chapter in the show's love story. Between their daughter's unexpected arrival and a postponed wedding, Luke and Lorelai's relationship is thrown into a panic, so they accept Rory and Logan's offer to stay at the Huntsburgs' home in Malta over Valentine's Day weekend. home on Martha's Vineyard.

A cute idea, right?

prickly holiday

Far from being a couple's rejuvenating getaway, the trip begins on a somber note. Luke is a notoriously grumpy guy, but here, he takes it to another level. Before leaving Stars Hollow, he complained about Logan's sheets and running water; he lamented the local real estate prices; he hated the sound of the waves; he got angry when he and Logan played basketball; he thought dinner was "at a weird time." Went on and was totally shocked at how cold it was in New England in February.

Lorelai keeps trying to cure Luke of his irritability. But even her playful spirit has its limits, and she's ready to give it up before their special Valentine's Day dinner. Seeing Rory's boyfriend being so nice to her - I'm no Loganstein, but he's a lovely host and boyfriend here - only makes Lorelai question things further.

You can almost see the realization dawning on Lorelai's face: Luke has been neglecting their relationship since April arrived. He didn't even think about giving her a Valentine's Day gift. He also went from being lovable and grumpy to being a straight up killjoy. As she explained to him in bed later that night, these were not necessarily the signs of a happy, soon-to-be-married couple.

the beginning of the end

Luke briefly reassures Lorelai that he will make things right. They even entertained the idea of ​​eloping. But when they return to Stars Hollow, Lorelai snaps back to reality.

In the restaurant, she heard that Luke planned to see April the next day, which wasn't supposed to be a big deal. But it's a painful reminder of why she wanted to leave in the first place - to reconnect and strengthen their bond during this difficult time. They failed to do so. In fact, they may come back weaker than before.

So while there were a lot of factors and little things that led to Luke and Lorelai's breakup at the end of Season 6, the Valentine's Day trip was a difficult time from which they never fully recovered. Not surprisingly, this is one of the show's lowest-rated episodes, according to IMDb audience reviews.