The Bachelor's Daisy writes book about her cochlear implants

Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor officially begins on January 22, but early clips of contestants arriving in limousines prove that Daisy Kent is one to keep an eye on. The 25-year-old from Becker, Minnesota, pulled up in a red Christmas tree truck and immediately impressed Joey.

According to her Bachelor bio, Daisy grew up on a Christmas tree farm and sought out partners on the show who matched her "storybook" energy. So, will it be Joey?

Daisy posts first photo of her and Joey on TikTok, themed to Hannah Montana's "One in a Million" — a pinnacle of being a kid Romance - brings positive results to the couple. As she said on Instagram, "There will be many roses...but only one daisy."

She is a published author

In addition to her role as an account manager, Daisy is a published author. She wrote the children's book Daisy Doe: All the Sounds She Knew, inspired by her experience with hearing loss and cochlear implants.

"I want to show how important it is to embrace what makes you unique," she said in an Instagram video last year.

As Daisy revealed to CBS 8 in San Diego, she first experienced hearing loss at age 15 and was later diagnosed with Meniere's disease and Lyme disease.

Disney/John Fleno

The experience led Daisy to found Listen to Your Heart, "an organization dedicated to enriching people's lives by giving the gift of listening and inspiring others," according to the nonprofit's website.

"We believe that everyone in the world has the choice to listen and be heard," she wrote. "We believe in connection. This organization was founded to embody what it means to truly listen to your heart."

share her story

Daisy uses social media to share milestones in her life, career, and medical journey—like graduating from San Diego State University and activating her cochlear implants.


She posts original music and song covers on her YouTube channel, including some nods to Taylor Swift (who also grew up on a Christmas tree farm).

Daisy’s Bachelor spoilers say…

If you want to keep all the surprises of the season, stop reading here! But if you don't mind knowing how Joey and Daisy's Bachelor journey turns out, then prepare for spoilers.

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According to Bachelor Nation blogger and podcaster Reality Steve, Daisy took the long road through her hometown and eventually got engaged to Joey in Tulum, Mexico.