Today's New York Times Wired Tips (and Answers) for Tuesday, May 21, 2024

If you're looking for Wired Tuesday, May 21, 2024 answers, keep reading -- I'll share with you some clues, tips, and strategies and finally give you the answers for all four categories. At the same time, I'll also explain the meanings of some of the more difficult words so we can understand how everything fits together. Please note, the following contains spoilers from the May 21 issue of Wired 345! If you want to know the tips (and then the answers) for today's game of "Connect the Line", keep reading.

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Below, I'll give you some hints on the answers to today's "Connect" puzzle. Further down, I'll reveal the themes and answers. Please scroll slowly and follow the tips you need!

Theme prompts for today’s puzzle

Here are some hints about the groupings in today's "Contact" puzzle:

  • Yellow group - not a lot, just a little bit.

  • Green Group--the one sought after by extreme coupon buyers.

  • Blue Category - Items seen in certain types of bars or halls.

  • Purple group - fill-in-the-blank questions, containing a word related to literacy.

NOTE: Today's "Connect" puzzle contains spoilers!

We'll give away some of the answers. If you don't want to be spoiled, scroll slowly. (The complete solution is at the back).

Warning about some tough issues

STEAL and POCKET are both synonyms for "stealing", but today they are not used together.

A touch doesn't mean touching something, but a very small amount (like "just a touch").

If you can remember the name of Mark Zuckerberg's social network, you'll have an easier time understanding today's purple category.

What are the categories of "connectivity" today?

  • Yellow: SMIDGEN

  • green shopping

  • Blue billiards equipment

  • Purple ____ book (this is not a book)

Be twice as careful: the answer lies below

Are you ready to find out the answer to today’s connect-the-connect puzzle? I've given all the answers below.

What's the yellow word in today's "Wired"?

The yellow group is considered the easiest group. Today's theme for the yellow group is SMIDGEN, and the words are bit, dash, pinch, and touch.

What's the green word in today's connection?

The green group should be the second easiest. Today's theme for the green group is "BARGAIN", and the words are buy, trade, steal, and value.

What's the blue word in "contact" today?

The blue group is the second hardest. Today's theme for the blue group is BILLIARDS EQUIPMENT. The words are: ball, chalk, cue, value: ball, chalk, cue, stand.

What's the purple word in Today's Connection?

The purple group is considered the hardest. Today’s theme for the purple group is ___BOOK (that’s not a book), and the words are: face, mac, match, pocket: face, mac, match, pocket.

How I solved my connection issues today

DEAL, STEAL, and VALUE are all words related to discounts, but I don't see an obvious fourth option, so let's keep looking.

One of my most trusted strategies is to look for the strangest or least common words on the board, and MAC stands out. It immediately reminded me of Apple, and with POCKET right above it, I thought there might be a "___BOOK" category -- MacBook referring to Apple's laptops, and pocketbook being synonymous with wallet. This will be paired with "FACE" and "MATCH".

CHALK and BALL are next to each other, which makes me think of billiards or pool. Maybe this goes with the RACK (the thing used to place the balls) and the CUE (the white cue ball).

It seems that DASH, TOUCH, PINCH, and BIT are all words that refer to small amounts, such as those used for condiments.

This means that "buy" ("good buy") and "value" (VALUE), "steal" (STEAL) and "sell" (DEAL) are all bargaining words.

Connections Puzzle #345 ???? ???? ???? ????

How to play "Connect"

I have a complete guide to playing "Connected", but here's a refresher on the rules:

First, find the "Connect" game on the New York Times website or its game app (formerly the Crossword Puzzle app). You'll see a game board with 16 tiles, each with a word or phrase on it. Your task is to choose a set of four tiles that have something in common. Often, they are all the same type of thing (for example: RAIN, SLEET, HAIL, and SNOW are all types of wet weather), but sometimes a play on words is involved (for example: BUCKET, GUEST, TOP TEN, and WISH are all for lists) Types: bucket list, guest list, etc.).

Select four projects and click the Submit button. If you guessed correctly, the category and color will be displayed. (Yellow is the easiest, followed by green, then blue, and finally purple.

If you correctly identify all four groups, you win. But if you make four mistakes before completing the game, the game will be over and the answer will be revealed.

How to win connections

The most important thing about winning the "Connect" game is that group design is very tricky. Be careful to see overlapping groups. For example, one puzzle appears to include six breakfast foods: BACON, EGG, PANCAKE, OMELET, WAFFLE, and CEREAL. But BACON belongs to the same group of painters as CLOSE, MUNCH, and WHIISTLER, and EGG belongs to the same dozen food groups as JUROR, ROSE, and MONTH. So don't hit "submit" until you've confirmed that your foursome contains only these four things.

If you're stuck, another strategy is to look at words that don't seem to be connected to other words. If when you see WHISTLER, all you think of is the painting nicknamed "Whistler's Mother," then you may have found your answer. When I was solving this problem, I looked online to see if there was a painter named Close, because Close didn't fit any obvious theme either.

Another obvious way to win when you're stuck is to read some helpful tips - which is why we share them every day. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next puzzle!