This PlayStation bug will keep you from playing digital games

Some gamers prefer to buy hard copies of games, while others prefer digital downloads. Sony is even releasing a digital version of the PS5, just in case you fall into the latter camp. However, if you buy a lot of content digitally, or have a lot of claimed PS+ games, you need to be aware of bugs that may prevent you from playing most of them.

Last week, Reddit user dSuds2342 shared a PSA on r/playstation warning users of a catastrophic error that could lock you out of the vast majority of digital games in your purchase history. According to reports, if you become a victim, you will be able to see these titles in your transaction history, but not in the Purchased menu. If you try to download affected games to your console, you may be asked to purchase them again, or add them again from PS+, but when you try to do so it will claim that you already own the game. Affected games that already exist on your console will appear with a padlock icon.

According to this Redditor, they triggered a strange PlayStation bug by trying to launch Helldivers II , causing an error message to appear (specifically, error message CE-117773-6). When they searched on Google what to do, they found that they should choose the "Restore License" option, which helps users access locked games on their consoles. But Reddit users believe that selecting this option will prevent them from making purchases: Since the items are not properly associated with their user accounts, "Restore Licenses" cuts off connections to any games purchased before the bug affected the console, making any further All operations are useless.

As of this writing, there are at least 50 other known users affected by this issue, but there may be more. In the same thread, a user claimed that they lost access to over 400 games after using the "Restore License" option after a CE-117773-6 error message appeared when launching Elden Ring . Another user said they lost over 700 games.

What to do if you can't play PS5 games

Last week, Sony seemed slow to help resolve the issue. However, the company has reportedly since begun repairing the accounts of some affected users, telling users that their access will be restored within three, four or 10 days. Reddit user ArkJK was offered a free month of service as a "show of goodwill" after demanding compensation for wasting a month of his PS+ subscription. So, at this point, if you see this error message when trying to access a game, your best bet is to contact PlayStation Support and hope they can provide you with a quick triage.

Speaking of which, one interesting trick that seems to be having some success, at least when it comes to resuming PS+ downloads, is to subscribe to PS+ for another month. Giving more money to a company that's holding your digital purchases hostage may seem like the last thing you want to do, but some users, including the OP quoted in this article, are finally able to play PS+ games they previously claimed after subscribing One month.