'Love Is Blind' Chelsea reveals her other celebrity lookalikes

Megan Fox isn't Chelsea Blackwell's only celebrity stunt double. The Love Is Blind Season 6 star revealed she also compared herself to two recording artists while talking to fellow contestant Jimmy Presnell, but the video doesn't broadcast.

"They don't show that I also say Adele, I also say Katy Perry," she said on the April 3 episode of the After Curfew podcast. "I said I always get someone, and then I said I get Adele and Katy Perry too." She continued of her conversation with her ex-fiancé Jimmy, "He just heard him If you want to hear something, then run away.”

During the podcast, Chelsea shared that Jimmy also claims to have a celebrity lookalike: San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. "I don't know who he told me he looked like," she admitted. "I didn't have a phone to look up [who that person was]. There was no Google."

The twins first came to fans' attention during a podcast conversation between Chelsea and Jimmy, where she said she was often compared to "MGK's girlfriend" (aka Fox).

"It's just because I have black hair and blue eyes," she told him at the time, clarifying that she herself didn't see the resemblance. "So don't get excited. That's the only reason."

Jimmy and Chelsea in Love is Blind . Netflix

When the couple finally came face to face, Jimmy admitted that while he was physically attracted to Chelsea, he felt she "lied" to him about her resemblance to Fox. Eventually, Jimmy decided not to have a wedding, much to Chelsea's surprise. "It was completely beyond people's imagination," she told People magazine of their breakup.

Chelsea mocked criticism of the Fox comparison in a now-viral TikTok following the season premiere. "This is going to be a great moment for anyone who has ever told me I look like her," she joked in February. "Please, I beg you."

While Fox has yet to respond to the comparison, the actor's ex-husband Brian Austin Green told TMZ that "Meghan would be flattered," while adding, "In a movie called That’s probably not the best thing to say about Love Is Blind …” It seems like you’re taking criticism. "