Nicola Coughlan's Hottest Look in Bridgerton Season 3

Penelope Featherington will never be the same again. Nicola Coughlan's Bridgerton character undergoes a major personal transformation in the Netflix series' third season as she pursues the love of her life, Colin Bridgerton (Law Newton), and it all begins with a bigger change.

Penelope has made a concerted effort to ditch the glam pastel wardrobe that has become her family's signature. “I don’t want to see citrus colors anymore,” she declared. As a result, her style became more sophisticated, elegant and, of course, sexier.

The change came thanks to Season 3 costume designer John Glaser, who told Glamor he was inspired by Old Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and incorporated things like see-through areas and details like a more fitted cut that accentuated Penelope's bust.

"We tried to show as much skin as possible because of what her character does," he told the outlet. "That's why a lot of her sleeves and gloves are see-through. Even her little gloves are just hints - hints of jewelry, hints of gloves, so we see her skin and her body shape."

Needless to say, Penelope's penchant for sheer dresses and bust-flashing outfits has served her well on both her emotional and romantic journeys. Relive the most glamorous looks from part one of season three below.

Penelope makes her debut


Penelope made her debut at Lady Danbury's annual ball in the first episode of Season 3, where she caught everyone's eyes - including Colin's. She wore an emerald dress with sequin details and feathered shoulders, and sheer black opera gloves.

first kiss dress


Before her first kiss with Colin, Penelope sulks at the window (who hasn't been there?), wearing a baby blue silk gown with pearl embroidery all over and sheer shoulders. You can also look great if you're going to cry.

regency flowers


Wearing a decadent royal blue gown with sequined patterns and floral embroidery, Penelope caught the eye of another suitor, Lord Dumblenn.

soft pastels


Penelope continued her off-the-shoulder trend at home, wearing this pale pink and green floral dress during a heated confrontation with friend Eloise.

her mint green outfit


Penelope wore an elegant mint green gown with minimal black floral details, perhaps her simplest look of the season. She accentuated her outfit with a sheer blouse with matching embroidery.

library appearance


While her mother warned her not to read at the party (albeit in the library), Penelope showed the crowd what they were missing by wearing a baby blue gown that flattered her figure, paired with a matching flowing shawl.

Penelope's Mermaid Fantasy


Penelope cuddles up to her mermaid core as she and Colin play in the park. She wore a seafoam green gown with a nautical jewelry pattern and sheer puff sleeves. The blue flower pin in her auburn hair really makes it look like a nod to the sea.

Hook-up dress


At a ball, where Penelope and Colin finally hooked up for the first time (at least in a carriage), she combined her fashion roots with her new aesthetic in a low-cut sequined light blue sheer-shoulder gown . That's a dizzying number to end the first part of the season.