Lily Collins brings Emily back to Paris in hilarious 2024 Olympics campaign

In the world of Emily in Paris, Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, is an inexplicable marketing magician. No one and no obstacle can resist her sunny looks and boldly printed outfits. She can promote anything from pet food to luxury cars.

Emily competes in the Olympics

With the 2024 Paris Olympics approaching, NBC decided to tap into Emily's energy with the help of Collins and star sprinter Noah Lyles. They teamed up to create an ad that featured Emily in Olympic preparations, specifically promoting Lyles' uniforms. This means Emily will once again show executives that her ideas are as unique as ever.

Emily's ad for executives depicts Lyles standing on the starting line of a 100-meter race, wearing an all-gold outfit designed by "legendary designer Pierre Cardeau." The look was as over-the-top as fans of the show would expect, and one executive was rightfully skeptical that it was safe.

"Well, yes, it's been tested," Emily replied. "It's safe." Well, maybe not for other runners, but, you know, we're just talking about Noah! "

Emily's idea was not recognized by others, but she was not worried. On the way out, she debriefed Lyles himself, telling him, "So, we need to go bigger."

Real life security issues

The day after the ad premiered, Lyles posted behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot. He shared insights into the experience and, yes, the suit was just as dangerous as it looked. First, there are "lots" of robes. "It was so heavy that we had to have other people carry it so I wouldn't trip," he said. Of the cape, he added: "It's huge. It's huge! How could anyone not get caught up in it?"

Lyles also revealed that he and Collins didn't actually film their scenes together. "Unfortunately, my acting partner wasn't there," he said. "You know, we have to imagine her there."

Still, he liked how the ad turned out and let Collins know it in the comments on her behind-the-scenes post. "Thank you so much for working on this project with me," he wrote. "You killed it."

Return to Paris

Ashley Parker (Mindy) and Lily Collins (Emily) in Emily in Paris Season 3 courtesy of Netflix

The brief glimpse of Emily in Paris was a nice touch, especially since fans have been waiting for Season 4 for over a year. Season 3 premieres in December 2022 with a cliffhanger ending. Although it initially looked like there might be a relatively quick turnaround between seasons, production was ultimately delayed due to the Writers Guild of America strike and later the Screen Actors Guild and Television Dealers Association strikes.

Finally, there's action again in Hollywood, with Variety reporting that filming will begin this month in Paris. It comes as production in the city has to shut down before the Olympics start in July.