Taylor Swift's 2024 Eras tour setlist changes dramatically

It's me, hi, it's the playlist, it's me - welcome to the Eras tour again . Taylor Swift resumed her record-breaking Eras tour on May 9 in Paris, France, and the tour came with a big twist. For the first time on tour, the singer has dramatically revamped her setlist, rearranging the ten performances representing her iconic studio album to squeeze in a new era.

As fans have suspected for months, Swift added a brand new segment to the show that included songs from her latest album , The Tortured Poets Department , all performed live for the first time. Understandably, Swift had to cut a number of songs, including "Archer" and "Hail," in order to add seven Tormented Poet tracks to her show's usual three-and-a-half-hour runtime.

She also dramatically changed the running order of the times. Although she started in the Lover Era and transitioned to Fearless as usual, she then entered the Red Era earlier than expected. ( Evermore generally follows the Fearless Show.) She even merges folklore and Evermore's era into one scene. (They've always been called "sister albums," after all).

Swift has made occasional changes on the road, such as swapping out her Folklore track "Invisible String" for "The 1," adding "Long Live" to her "Speak Now " performance, and performing "Nothing New" and " no body, no Crime” opened for her duet partner Phoebe Bridgers and HAIM, but this is the first time she’s revamped her setlist to this extent. Read on for Swift’s revamped Eras Tour tracklist. .

Taylor Swift 2024 Eras Tour Setlist

Taylor Swift performs on stage during The Eras Tour on May 9, 2024 in Paris, France. Kevin Mazur/TAS24/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

  1. "Miss America and the Heartbroken Prince" (short)
  2. "Cruel Summer"
  3. "man"
  4. "You need to calm down"
  5. "lover"
  6. "Fearless"
  7. "you belong With Me"
  8. "love story"
  9. "twenty two"
  10. "we are never ever getting back together"
  11. "I knew you were trouble"
  12. "Everything Is Fine (10 Minute Version)"
  13. "obsessed"
  14. "...Are you ready?"
  15. "Beautifully"
  16. "do not blame me"
  17. "Look what you made me do"
  18. "cardigan"
  19. "Betty"
  20. "The Champagne Problem"
  21. "August"
  22. "Illegal Affairs" (short)
  23. "My tears are jumping"
  24. "Marjorie"
  25. "willow"
  26. "style"
  27. "space"
  28. "Get rid of it"
  29. "Wildest Dreams"
  30. "Bad Blood"
  31. "But dad I love him"
  32. "So High School" (short)
  33. “Who’s scared of little old me?”
  34. "Bad mood"
  35. "Two weeks"
  36. "The smallest person ever"
  37. "I can do this with a broken heart"
  38. Surprise Song #1
  39. Surprise Song #2
  40. “Lavender Mist”
  41. "anti-hero"
  42. "Midnight Rain"
  43. "Vigilante shit"
  44. "Bejeweled"
  45. "Mastermind"
  46. "Karma"