Kim Kardashian's 2024 workout plan is no joke

Kim Kardashian is kicking off 2024 by hitting the gym and setting fitness goals for the coming months.

On January 5, the mogul posted a series of clips to her Instagram Stories showcasing her go-to workouts, as well as the small tweaks she plans to make to her workout routine in the new year. These include glute-strengthening squats, hip thrusts, and another move she calls "the killer."

Designed by trainer Senada Greca, the sweat training program focuses on lifting weights and looks like quite a challenge.

kim kardashian workout


In her story, Kardashian begins with a round of RDLs (aka Romanian deadlifts), which involves pivoting your hips forward to lift a weighted hex bar. This move focuses on the glutes, which she says are a must on leg day.

Kardashian then performed a round of sliding hamstring curls using a roller, followed by a set of seated leg extensions.


The SKKN by Kim founder also completed leg-strengthening step moves while boosting cardio—in her caption, she called the moves "deadly" but "necessary"—and a series of standing ropes For the stretch, target the muscles along the outside of the buttocks.

In her post, Kardashian revealed her 2024 fitness goals: "This year we're going to gain weight."

a sport she hates


While Kardashian makes working out look easy, that doesn't mean it's a walk in the park. Hamstring curls have proven to be one of the hardest exercises for Kim, who wrote: "@seneca.greca always tells me to slow down but I can't actually do it! This hamstring curl It’s fatal.”

The mum-of-four also revealed she hates the hip-thrusting part of the workout - although she does it anyway. "[Seneca] makes me do it three times a week," she wrote in the caption. “We use leg extension machines and benches!”

stick to her goals

Kardashian plans to gain weight in 2024, but that's not her only advice. "Consistency is key," she wrote in her story. “Set small fitness goals and stick to them.”

Wise words from a true exercise enthusiast.