Shonda Rhimes shares details about 'Princess Diaries 2' deleted scene

Shonda Rhimes reveals some behind-the-scenes tidbits. Before Grey's Anatomy and Bridgerton , the writer-producer lent his talents to 2004's The Princess Diaries: The Royal Engagement , starring Anne Heather The sequel to Disney's "The Princess Diaries" starring Wei.

In a new interview with Variety , Rhimes spoke about the making of the film and revealed that producer Deborah Martin Chase approached her to write the script. "I think it's going to be a really fun thing to do," she said. "It turned out great."

In addition to Hathaway and Chris Pine, the sequel also stars Bridgerton narrator Julie Andrews as Queen Clarice Rinaldi. "It was great to work with her," Rhimes said, before revealing that her favorite scene with Andrews was "cut from the movie."

In the scene, Andrews' character revealed that "her heart was broken" when some of her royal staff walked into the room to ask her questions. "She screamed, 'Don't I ever have some alone time?'"

Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries . Disney/"Princess Diaries"

"It was such an amazing moment," said Rhimes, who praised Andrews' portrayal of the fictional royal. "She was really expressing the pain of being queen by being so good." She noted that Andrews was "the nicest person you'll ever meet" behind the scenes, adding, "I was nervous to meet her."

"The Princess Diaries 2" is set five years after the first film and tells the story of Mia Thermopolis (played by Hathaway) who returns to Genovia after graduating from college, where she discovers that she must survive in her 30s. Get married within a day, otherwise you will not be eligible to be crowned queen.

Princess Diaries 3

A third film in the series is reportedly in development, with Hathaway expressing interest in reprising her role. "I'm working on it," she told Entertainment Tonight in 2022. "If there's any way to get Julie Andrews involved, I think we'll make it work."

However, Andrews doesn't believe Chapter 3 should happen. "It's been a long time since both diaries were finished," she told "Today" in March. "Sometimes, it's better to leave things alone. I don't like it when people keep milking the subject, you know, until it's dead."