Golden bachelorette Teresa Nester speaks out for first time since divorce news

Three months after tying the knot in a televised ceremony, first Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and his winner Theresa Nestor are planning to divorce. Now, Nist is speaking out publicly for the first time since the announcement, posting an emotional letter on Instagram on April 15.

Nestor shared an image with a Dr. Seuss quote, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it's happening," which was indicative of the tone of her letter, in which she began by thanking her fans for their love and support. "You are all such wonderful people," she wrote. "It means a lot to me that you guys took the time to reach out to me... It's so nice of you to do that."

She then addressed fans who were disappointed by the breakup. "To anyone else who is confused, angry and doesn't understand, please try to find understanding in your heart and try a little kindness," she wrote. "Not just for me but for the world and everyone you meet."

Nestor reflected on her relationship with Turner, and The Bachelor as a whole, calling it "one of the most incredible experiences" of her life. "I really thought it would last forever," she said. "It turns out that even at 70, you don't know everything. Sometimes things don't go the way you planned, and that's okay."

Gerry Turner from " The Bachelor" and Theresa Nestor in "The Golden Wedding." Eric McCandless/Disney Universal Entertainment Content/Getty Images

Turner and Nest announced their divorce in a joint interview on "Good Morning America," attributing the decision to their living situations. After their marriage, Turner lived in a lake house in Indiana and Nestor remained in New Jersey, both finding it difficult to leave their families and settle in South Carolina, as they had once proposed.

“We just looked at house after house, but we never got to the point of making a decision,” Nester said.

“What struck me most during our conversation was the dedication both of us have to our families,” Turner added. "We looked at the circumstances and I think we felt that living apart was best for each of our happiness."

However, the two admitted they still have feelings for each other. "I still love the guy," Turner said. "There's no doubt that I still love her. I support her every day."

Nester concluded her remarks by acknowledging the positives of the show, saying she has "incredible friends" in Turner's family, her Bachelor castmates, producers and production staff, and left fans with a message A message of encouragement. "I ask that you remain open to all experiences, opportunities and love that may arise," she wrote. "Keep smiling, keep laughing...I will. I love you."