Taylor Swift's Tormented Poet Era Color Will (Probably) Be White

A new era is upon us for Taylor Swift — and nowhere is it more evident than in her wardrobe. Ahead of the singer's April 19 release of her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department , Swift is shifting her style away from a midnight , glittery, astrology-inspired aesthetic A more refined and elegant palette - you might even call it poetic .

As her record-breaking Eras tour proved, Swift brings a unique style to each album she releases. These eras are always defined by an overarching color: green for her self-titled debut album, yellow for Fearless, purple for Speak Now , red for Red (duh), sky blue for 1989 , Black for Reputation , pink for Lovers, gray for Folklore, neutrals for Evermore and finally, midnight blue for Midnights .

After nearly a dozen records, white and orange are the only colors Swift has yet to use. Many fans speculated that the latter would be her shade of choice, but given some of her recent looks, it appears Swift has chosen a more subdued color to represent her Tormented Poet album.

Her latest all-white look

Swift set the tone for her next era at the 2024 Grammy Awards on February 4, when she announced Tortured Poets while accepting the award for Best Pop Vocal Album . For the occasion, she donned a white gown by Schiaparelli Couture, which featured a sky-high thigh slit and a long train for all the drama.

It was a shocking choice because up until that point, she had been heavily hinting at the release of Reputation (Tyler's version) with a series of all-black ensembles peppered with various snake-like accents.

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While this marks her most obvious style shift, Swift actually seems to have started laying more subtle Easter eggs a few months ago. The pop star wore several white outfits during her Eras tour in New York.

This was most prevalent when she was photographed outside Electric Lady Studios in May 2023, where she was likely recording Tortured Poets . A similar ensemble was later reflected in her album cover art.

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That said, she hasn't started changing up her Eras Tour looks to reflect the tortured poet . But why would she do this? It's a whole new era and definitely not included in her playlist. (At least not yet.)

She did, however, give a small nod to her blooming aesthetic, sporting a bright white look during her six Singapore concerts from March 2 to 9, her last show before the album's release. nail.

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tortured poet visuals

Swift released the debut "Torture Poet" cover immediately after announcing the album, a black-and-white portrait of herself lying in bed surrounded by crisp white sheets. Her new vibe is clear from this image alone, but the hints continue from there, too.

Taylor Swift

Despite the change in context, her additional cover struck a similar chord. Instead of wearing a white sheet, Swift wore an oversized white button-down shirt, similar to the one she wore over the summer.

Taylor Swift

While Swift primarily used whites and grays in the visuals for "Torture Poet ," she surprised fans when she revealed the album's final cover art. The "Black Dog" version is undoubtedly her most striking album cover to date, with Swift embracing herself against an all-black backdrop. Although the cover is mostly black, she stands out against the moody background in a simple white T-shirt.

Taylor Swift's fourth album "Torture Poets Ministry" . X / Taylor Swift

Unless Swift states otherwise, white is the official color of the Tormented Poet Department . I don't make the rules.