25 years ago, Ross was knocked out by leather pants

Ross Gellar's worst enemies may be his ex-wife Carol's wife Susan, his ex-wife Emily's parents, and...leather pants. It's been 25 years since Ross (David Schwimmer) was knocked out by his leather pants in the 1999 New Year's-themed episode of The Man with All the Resolutions, but it still delivered all the laughs.

In 1999, the last year of the 20th century, Ross's New Year's resolution was to "be happy" and do one thing every day that he had never done before. He first hooks up with a new girl from Central Perk named Elizabeth Hornswoggle - her name is perfect Chandler fodder - but he can't joke about it because he's fighting Ross A $50 bet that he could go an entire week without making a joke. His friends.

As a second venture in 1999, Ross bought a pair of leather pants to wear on their first date, which Chandler couldn't make fun of (although others did it for him). Once at Elizabeth's house, Ross regrets his fashion decision.

How to win in leather pants

Ross begins to feel overheated after wearing pants for too long and goes to the bathroom to fan her legs with a magazine. However, when he tried to put his pants on, he couldn't lift them up.

Ross (David Schwimmer) can't pull up his leather pants on Friends . maximum

Desperate for help, he called Joey, who suggested he use baby powder so his pants would slide up. When that didn't work, he suggested using lotion, causing Rose's hands to become too slippery and hit herself in the head. And the damage still wasn't worth it.

As Rose fumed: “The lotion and powder were mixed together to form some sort of paste ….

Then Joey gave the best advice of the night: "Keep your pants on!" Eventually, Ross gave up and admitted what happened to his date, which led to a completely different experience of humiliation when he got home. .

The legacy of leather pants

While Ross may never have worn leather pants again, their legacy lives on more than two decades later. During the 2021 Friends reunion special, Cindy Crawford channeled the infamous leather pants, becoming the first person since Schwimmer to wear them.

Cindy Crawford wore Ross's leather pants in Friends: Reunion . HBO Max

"They are the exact same Agnès B. pants that Ross is wearing and they fit her perfectly," stylist Erica Cloud told PopSugar. "Other than those two logos, no one else wore them." Apparently, Crawford even wanted to carry baby powder and lotion to complete the reference, but "they ended up not making any props."

Schwimmer was praised for his performance in the pants, with The Decider calling it a "brilliant display of physical comedy," and while Friends fans are still debating the outfit, some Reddit users weren't afraid to argue that Ross actually I actually wore these clothes.