Why did Daisy leave The Bachelor? Here's a recap of Joey's ending

Two months ago, Joey Graziadei's Bachelor premiere began with an ominous flashback: the Season 28 star crying on a beach in Tulum as a van drove away, presumably with his very Be together with people who care. What role this scene — to the soundtrack of Billie Eilish's "When the Party's Over" — played in Joey's "unprecedented" season finale is fodder for internet theories. Fortunately, everything came to light on March 25. ending. And, well, this sad song is worth it!

Heading into the three-hour finale, the two women are planning their futures with Joey, Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson. Eventually, one contestant quit on his own terms. Here's a look back at why Daisy left The Bachelor and everything that happened in the tearful final episode.

Meet Joey's family

Daisy and Kelsey both had successful meetings with Joey's family, but Daisy was more successful than Kelsey. Joey's mom said it would be an "honor" to welcome her into the family, and his sisters expressed concern that Kelsey was preparing to get engaged.

things have changed

However, when Daisy goes on her last date with Joey, she senses a change in their relationship. During the daytime portion of their date, they participated in a spiritual ceremony in which they expressed their wishes—and Joey was left with something, well, wanted.

Disney/John Fleno

"My wish is that we both find true happiness, whether it's happiness with each other or happiness in general," he said. "I'm so lucky to know you and I know you deserve the best."

Daisy was not thrilled by the implications of his words and later told cameras she felt he was trying to prepare her for a breakup. That night, after Daisy tells Joey she loves him, he says it's "nice to hear" and means a lot. However, Joey seems more focused on the "weight" of his decision than on a potential future with Daisy.

The twist of a bachelor

While Joey and Kelsey enjoyed their own date - Kelsey later said she felt "validated" - Daisy was left in limbo. On the morning of the final rose ceremony, she went to Kelsey's room (even though some sly Bachelor editors made it look like she was going to Joey's room) to spill the beans.

She asked Kelsey about her date and, by comparing it to her own date, deduced that it wouldn't be her. The women then drove together to the final rose ceremony, with Daisy getting out of the car first so she could say goodbye to Joey.

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"I really love you," she said. "But the thing is... you won't choose me."

Daisy told Joey that she realized he wasn't the one for her, and she walked back to the car alone and hugged Kelsey before leaving the beach. Although Joey needed a minute to calm down after saying goodbye, he returned to the beach and got engaged to Kelsey.

"I can't wait to tell you I love you," he said in a sweet proposal, which Kelsey happily accepted. Months later, after "The Final Rose," Joey said their relationship was the "strongest" ever.