Britney Spears says she'll never return to music

Britney Spears has no plans to return to music.

After a flurry of recent reports that Spears was working on a tenth studio album, she took to Instagram on January 3 to quash the rumors.

"So it's clear to us that most news is garbage!" Spears wrote. "They keep saying I'm looking for random people to make a new album... I'm never going back to the music industry!"

According to reports, Spears plans to collaborate with Julia Michaels and Charli XCX on her first album since 2016's Glory.

Britney Spears. Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

"I write for fun"

Spears also described herself as a "ghostwriter" in her latest Instagram statement, which was posted alongside Guido Reni's painting "Salome with the Head of St. John the Baptist."

“When I write, I write for fun, or for other people,” she continued. "For those of you who have read my books, there's a lot of things you don't know about me... I've written over 20 songs for other people in the last two years... and I honestly love it."

Meanwhile, Spears has also denied claims that her recent best-selling memoir , The Woman In Me, was published without her permission.

Britney Spears performs on stage. Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"People also say my book was illegally published without my approval," she wrote. "This couldn't be further from the truth... have you read the news lately??? I am so loved and blessed."

"My music career is not my focus"

Spears released her latest single "Mind Your Business" with in July 2023 and appeared on the Sir Elton John duet "Hold Me Closer" in the summer of 2022.

However, Spears made it clear in her memoir , The Woman In Me , that new music is not her current priority.

"My focus at this time is not on advancing my music career," she wrote. "It was time for me to stop being what other people wanted me to be; it was time for me to truly find myself."