After the final, Bachelor Kim fans applaud Faith's 'elegant' gesture

Despite his heartbreaking elimination from The Bachelor , Faith Martin doesn't seem to harbor any ill will towards Gerry Turner.

Gerry announced his engagement to Teresa Nestor and their upcoming televised wedding on the show's Nov. 30 finale. A day later, Faith took to Instagram to congratulate the happy couple. "We're so proud that you found each other! Love you both!" the third-place finisher captioned her Dec. 1 post, which was set to the tune of Kool & the Gang's "Celebration."

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Teresa responded in the comments section: "Thank you so much my beautiful friend Faith! You are the best. Love you so much!!"

Meanwhile, other commenters were quick to praise Faith's "elegant" gesture. "You are such a strong woman and we love you!" one fan wrote, while another praised her "total grace." A third added: "That's so nice and polite Faith. Praying you find your boyfriend!"

One fan even suggested that Faith, who attended the live final taping, would be a "glam" prime bachelorette.

A golden future?

Although ABC has yet to reveal whether there will be a Bachelorette spinoff, Faith emerged as an early frontrunner after Gerry told her he loved her, but broke up with her after Hometown Week anyway. It turns out that Faith will also be leading the potential new series.

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"It was hard for me to say no to anything they offered me because it was such a great experience," she tells Bustle. "I don't know what they're looking for; I thought the runner-up was always [to be the Bachelorette], and I'm not the runner-up. ... But they'd probably let me do anything for them — and that's what I said to the crew Love."

While some Bachelor runners-up have already become the next Bachelor, the Bachelor Data Instagram account reports that there are actually more third-place finishers being chosen to lead the series.

healing time

Faith seems ready to move on. ABC filmed the first season of "The Bachelor" in August, giving Faith time to recover from her breakup. As she further explained, after being eliminated, she sat in her hotel room and started writing a song about the experience.

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"I process all my emotions through music, and I've written a few songs," Faith said. "Even though it hurt, it felt good. ... I had to really let out all the feelings."

During a taping of "Women Tell All," Faith revealed to ABC's Red Carpet show that she and Gerry embraced and admitted they still loved each other. "It's okay for us to love each other in appropriate ways," she explained. Faith shared the interview on Instagram on November 30, writing, "Every breakup should be this good."

She also spoke fondly of Teresa, her former Bachelor House roommate. "She's such a sweet soul. She's very innocent and naive, and I think she wants to be part of the group chat," Faith told Glamor of Teresa's "Zip" drama with Kathy Swartz " Magazine . "I don't think there's anything mean about her. She's not a malicious person at all."