Paul McCartney praises Beyoncé's 'Blackbird' cover as 'brilliant'

Beyoncé's performance as Cowboy Carter received huge praise from the music industry, including praise from artists whose songs she covered on the album. On April 4, Paul McCartney joined the list.

McCartney reacted to his rendition of The Beatles' "Blackbird" (featuring the style "Blackbiird" on the new album), sharing a throwback photo of him and Bey on Instagram.

“I’m so happy with @beyonce’s version of my song ‘Blackbird,’” he wrote. "I think she did a wonderful version that reinforced the civil rights message that inspired me to write this song. I think Beyoncé has done a great version and will urge anyone who hasn't heard it yet Check it out. You'll love it!"

McCartney later recalled talking to Bay about the FaceTime cover. “She thanked me for writing the book and letting her do it,” he said. "I told her I was so happy and that I thought she had nailed a killer version of the song."

In 1968, McCartney wrote "Blackbird" with John Lennon after seeing footage of the Little Rock Nine and other black students being harassed for attending a new integrated school.

George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. George Linhardt/Kobes History/Getty Images

"When I saw footage of black girls being kicked out of school on TV in the early 60s I was shocked and couldn't believe it was still happening. Now," McCartney wrote on Instagram road. "For my song and Beyoncé's amazing version to be able to ease racial tensions is going to be a great thing and makes me very proud."

In 2018, McCartney told GQ that "Blackbird" was a metaphor for black girls and that he hoped the song would convey an encouraging message to black women during the civil rights movement. "In Britain, a bird is a girl, so I thought about what a black girl is going through; it's time for you to get up; set yourself free; take away these broken wings," he said.

Beyoncé honored the song's intent by inviting Black country female artists to perform the cover with her, including Britney Spencer, Teela Kennedy, Rayna Roberts and Tanner Adell.