The Bachelor's Leslie Says Gerry Made Plans Off-Camera

The Bachelor runner-up Leslie Fhima has revealed what fans didn't see on the show.

Appearing on the December 4 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Leslie recalled her time in the fantasy suite and claimed that Bachelor star Gerry Turner made promises that he ultimately didn't keep.

"He and I are making plans for the future together," Leslie revealed to hosts Joe Amabile and Serena Peet. "He was like, 'Save the date, this is what we're going to do. I can't wait for us. In two days, we'll be done with this and be together and start our lives."

Leslie went on to say that Gerry "almost" proposed to her during their Fantasy Suite date.

"Did he say, 'Will you marry me?' There, no, but that's pretty much what he said. I would have been happy just to say 'I love you,' but he took it to a different level ," she added.

Leslie Fhima stars in "Bachelor" . John Fleno/Disney

Leslie was blinded

As fans saw on the November 30 finale of The Bachelor , Gerry finally ended his relationship with Leslie and gave the final rose to his now-fiancée Theresa Nice special.

Speaking on The Final Rose , Gerry claimed that he made the decision to date Theresa after an off-camera night with Leslie.

"We woke up the next morning and he was gone, spinning around three times and blowing me a kiss," Leslie shared on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. "He doesn't want to leave. That's why I'm not worried about him dating [Teresa]."

Leslie Fima and Gerry Turner. Disney/John Fleno

On the podcast, Leslie also said she was "100 percent sure" that Gerry would hand her the final rose.

"That's why I picked out this dress, that's why I wrote my vows," she continued. "He said something to me that night that suggested his night with Teresa would not be the same."

Gerry's story

Gerry also opened up about his and Leslie's fantasy suite date on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. However, Bachelor Jin is relatively tight-lipped about the details.

“Some of the dialogue in the fantasy suite was very revealing to me,” he shares. "Honestly, because they were in the fantasy suite and not in front of a camera or a microphone, I felt it was appropriate to keep it in the fantasy suite and leave it there."

Theresa Nester and Gerry Turner. Disney/John Fleno

As previously mentioned, Gerry proposed to Teresa on the "Bachelor" finale, and the two will tie the knot in a televised ceremony on January 4.