Julia Fox's silver high-waisted briefs are so on-brand

Julia Fox's resume is filled with impressive titles: actress, model, trendsetter, author (New York Times bestseller)—and now, musician. ICYMI, on May 3, the multi-talented released her debut single “Down the Drain,” named after her 2023 memoir.

Even though the catchy song is a slay in its own right, Fox upped the ante by releasing an accompanying music video filled with celebrity outfits — and to celebrate, Fox threw a release party where she Wearing a conversation-starting metallic silver outfit, the look was adorned with playful, strategically placed cutouts.

julia's metal moment

When Fox's first music video was released online on May 9, the star took center stage at a New York party to perform the electronic tune. She sang "Down the Drain" in a sexy space-age ensemble by New York brand SEKS, which fit perfectly with her love of innovative design.

Foxx was dressed in silver from head to toe, starting with a particularly cut-out bodice. Her bodice featured a cropped underbust bodice with a sword-shaped bandeau that stretched far beyond her silhouette. The slender blade makes room for two cutouts—a standard attire for Fox whether she's attending New York Fashion Week or just enjoying a casual beach day.

Fox's cut wasn't the only revealing element of the final "fit." The Uncut Gems actor embraced the pantsless trend by swapping bottoms for a cheeky high-waisted bra embellished with silver studs.

Julia Fox/Instagram

The monochromatic metallics didn't stop there: Fox also accessorized the look with thigh-high boots, an oversized trench coat, and stylish gloves, all with a galactic-inspired sheen. The star opted to forego jewelry in favor of sparkling silver eye makeup.

Her music video looks are just as cool

If you think her silver choice deserves applause, the outfits in the music video are a fashion show in themselves. In one of the close-ups, Foxx wears a dramatic feathered hat, paired with a velvet tights and stockings that is reminiscent of Pamela Anderson's 1999 MTV VMAs look.

Julia Fox/YouTube

Then, less than 30 seconds later, Fox delivered another A-list look that paid homage to her dominatrix past. She swapped the eye-catching jumpsuit for a super mini denim dress, which she paired with a bustier top and black translucent socks. She completed the outfit with a mysterious eyepatch and short leather gloves.

Julia Fox/YouTube

If you haven't seen her music video yet, why not? Secondly, wear it as soon as possible – and enjoy a steady stream of famous outfits.