Taylor Swift turns her scary near-fall into a lighter moment

It's been nearly a year since Taylor Swift kicked off her iconic Eras Tour, but new surprises are still coming. However, that was not the case this latest time. While Swift was performing in Tokyo on February 9, she experienced a scary moment that could have resulted in a serious fall.

The dangers of folk huts

Swift's performance involves a number of impressive sets, including the cabin for her folkloric number. The little wooden building isn't just for ambience—Swift sings on its roof. Unfortunately, this is not a risk-free activity. As she walked down the Tokyo rooftop stairs, she apparently tripped and almost fell.

"I almost fell off the folk hut," Swift told viewers after safely reaching the bottom of the stairs and recovering from the horrific accident. She quickly turned it into a light-hearted moment, adding, "But I didn't, and that's the lesson."

As her fans urged her to "stay safe" and "take care," Swift once again admitted she was in a tight spot before reassuring viewers. "My life flashed before my eyes," she said. "Yeah, no, I'm fine. Everything's fine. Everything's fine. Everything's great."

crisis avoidance

Swift continued to shrug off the entire situation, though she took a deep breath and seemed to calm herself down. "I'm glad I didn't fall off the folk hut, you know what I mean? I just...what a great night in Tokyo!" she said.

Falling from a cabin roof would be bad no matter what, but it would be particularly inappropriate if it happened at that time for any number of reasons. According to Entertainment Weekly , Swift had just taken off her harness, which could have made the potential for the fall even more catastrophic. On top of that, Swift had to fly to Las Vegas immediately after the show in order to make it back in time to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce play in Super Bowl 58. After the concert, she rushed to Haneda Airport to board a private jet, the Associated Press reported.

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super bowl weekend

Luckily, Swift's crisis won't stop her from enjoying Super Bowl weekend. She will reportedly spend time with Kelce and their family. According to TMZ, Kelce paid for a suite where Swift, her parents, her brother and his girlfriend would cheer along with his parents, his brother, his sister-in-law and friends.

Kelce, who has played in two Super Bowls, gave his brother Jason some details on their New Heights podcast on Feb. 8. It's a damn Super Bowl for family and friends to come to," he said. "Just making sure I stay on top of these finances and lose all this money. "