James' dog is Vanderpump Rules Season 11 MVP

James Kennedy, get out of the way. You are no longer number one in the pack – because your dog is.

although Vanderpump Rules Season 11 is off to a slow start as the cast grapples with the relationship between Tom Sandoval and Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, aka Scandoval )'s love affair and the return of the hippie (originally named Graham) single-handedly injected new vitality into the movie. show.

James once owned an adorable golden retriever with his ex-fiancé Rachel. At the end of the February 20 episode, Lisa Vanderpump discovered that Rachel had given up on the hippies' rescue and left the hippies with James reunited. Naturally, he started crying, as did most of the audience.

But bringing the dog home immediately becomes a bone of contention with James' girlfriend Ellie, who worries about what the hippies will do to her cat, Mr. Banks. She was also annoyed that Rachel's presence still lingered in their lives because of him. "Last year, I had to deal with her, and now she's gone and her dog is here," she said. "Damn, I really can't get rid of this girl, can I? She's everywhere."

The next day, Hippie proved he was indeed on top when he flew to Lake Tahoe on Vanderpump's private jet, while his hosts and cast members had to board a United Airlines flight. (Per airline policy, it was too late for James to add him to the ticket.)

James Kennedy and the Hippies, aka Graham. James Kennedy's dog from Vanderpump Rules. by Peacock Cheers

But his impact was most evident when Vanderpump brought him to the cast's vacation rental. To everyone's dismay, they discovered the dog was no longer Rachel's. James and Ellie then announced that they would rename him "Hippy" in honor of his late godfather George Michael's dog. (Yes, this dog can now claim George Michael as his ancestor.)

The hippie's arrival sparked a minor drama among the group, with Sandoval claiming that James' story about the hippie wasn't entirely accurate. For a show where its stars repeatedly cheat on each other and get into a screaming match every episode, The Return of the Hippies is child's play by comparison. But maybe that's the level of conflict audiences need right now.

The light-hearted drama was a hit with "Bravo" fans, and while it could never match the intensity of "Scandoval," it was refreshing to see that the hot topic on "Pump Rules" was just an adorable puppy. Plus, this is still a lot more dramatic than what real humans have had so far, since they'd be hard-pressed to be in the same room as Sandoval.

Regardless, this proves that Hippie is the current MVP of Season 11. Mr. Banks received an honorable mention; Mr. Banks received an honorable mention. Ariana Madix's cat Kitty may have been more traumatized by Scandoval than all of us; Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's dogs Gordo and Butters , they are coping with their owner’s divorce calmly and gracefully.