Kris Jenner Can't Name a Blink-182 Song

Travis Barker may be her new son-in-law, but Kris Jenner isn't exactly supportive of his band. During the Keeping Up With The Keepers Season 4 finale, the famous mom revealed that when she was going to attend their concert, she didn't know a Blink-182 song.

In the episode, Jenner and her daughter Khloé Kardashian hop on a tour bus to San Diego with Barker and pregnant Kourtney Kardashian, Blink -182 is playing two shows on its world tour there. "You've never seen Travis perform, right?" Kourtney asked her mom and sister, who both responded with an emphatic "no."

Courtney naturally thought that they were all newbies to Blink-182. "How many Blink songs do you know, one?" she asked, to which Khloe agreed. "I don't know anything," Chris replied.

Kris Jenner of the Kardashians. gourd

Courtney assures her that she probably knows the band's biggest hit, "All The Small Things," but she still tells Buck that they lack knowledge.

"They've never heard 'I miss you,'" she told him. “Never. Or like, “What’s my age again?” he asked, which Jenner mistook for a practical question. "45?" how old is he? she replied, and Kourtney clarified: "No, it's a song." "

Their wink-themed pregnancy

Not surprisingly, Kourtney is the biggest Blink-182 fan of the Kardashian clan, with the band playing a role in her recent pregnancy. In June, Kourtney announced at Blink's Los Angeles show that she and Barker were expecting their first child, holding up a sign in the audience that read, "Travis, I'm pregnant." ”, a nod to the band’s “All The Small Things” video. .

However, there was one person who wasn't too happy about the news: Jenner, who found out how she announced her pregnancy in the media. "I woke up early in the morning and saw Courtney holding a sign, and I thought I was being punked," she said. "Then I realized it was ABC News."

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker talk about the Kardashian clan . gourd

"On Saturday, when I said, 'Wow, your mom's feelings are really hurt when you do that,' she was like, 'I forgot!'" Khloe added. "She forgets she has a family," Chris joked. "That's what the pregnancy brain does. It's crazy that this happened."

Still, Courtney isn't worried about her family's reaction. "I really didn't expect to invite them to the Los Angeles concert and didn't think they would want to come," she said in a confessional.

"I did tell Khloe about it and she asked me to change it to San Diego. It has nothing to do with you. It really is how we tell the world and nothing else."