Colin and Penelope's baby names may come from Bridgerton books

Spoilers ahead for Bridgerton Season 3 . In the second half of "Bridgerton" season 3, Penelope's Lady Whistle's secret work comes between her and Colin. Fortunately, the couple managed to avoid a serious scandal, and a final-minute time jump provided a major update on their happy life.

Bridgerton Newborn Birth

In Episode 8, Penelope enjoys motherhood with her sisters. Based on the age of the baby, it appears that about a year has passed since Colin and Penelope's wedding - with Penelope emerging victorious in the race to produce the Featherington heir. (Her sisters all have daughters.)

"The new Lord Featherington is very handsome," commented Penelope's mother-in-law Violet.

"He got that from his dad," Colin said, with Penelope noting that he was "always trying to distract with clever words and a charming smile."

As you'll remember from season two, Portia forged legal documents to ensure that Featherington Hall would pass to her eldest grandson and not the family's con-artist cousin. Clearly, the Featherington heir is in good hands with Colin and Penelope as his parents. However, one big question remains unanswered: What will Colin and Penelope's baby be called?


There are some tips

While fans know the name of Penelope's niece Philomena, the name of Colin and Penelope's son is strangely not mentioned.

In Julia Quinn's Bridgerton books, the couple's first child is actually a girl named Agatha - a nod to Lady Danbury's role in helping Penelope find her confidence and A sweet tribute to her role in finally finding her love match. However, their connection doesn't play out the same way on screen. (As showrunner Jesse Brownell told Decider, she "wanted to give Lady Danbury a storyline that had more to do with her " and not become an "accessory" to another young couple's love story .)

The hubbub over the Featherington heir is also largely a show creation, so it makes sense that Colin and Penelope's first child would be a son, unlike in the novel. In the book series, they have two sons: Thomas and George. The first one feels like a strong contender for their son's name on the show.


However, the play certainly doesn't rely on the book's title. Daphne and Simon's first child was named August in the show, but was named Amelia in the books. Nicola Coughlan (who plays Penelope) recently told Etalk that she wanted to name Pauline's son Elliot "in homage to their beloved third wheel Eloise".

"She's already told me. We love this," Luke Newton (who plays Colin) told the outlet separately, meaning the cast spent a lot of time talking about fictional baby names. Héloïse named her child after Penelope in the book, so the reverse must make sense.