Bachelorette producers worried about Gerry's first kiss

The producers of "Bachelor" are spilling behind-the-scenes secrets.

According to People magazine , Bennett Graebner, one of the show's executive producers, revealed at the Dec. 11 screening that he "had no idea audiences would react to Gerry Trump What was the reaction to Na’s first TV kiss?”

"The truth is, I don't think we know what to do with it," he added at the event, which also included Bachelor showrunners Jason Ehrlich and Claire Freeland , as well as Turner and his fiancée Theresa Nist.

"We see this all the time. We're always 10 to 15 feet away from young men and women making out. It feels a little weird, a little creepy," Graebner continued. "But that first night, I thought about my dad being here and wondered what it would be like."

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nistedt for the Golden Bachelor Award . Disney/John Fleno

“We love it”

"Bachelor" producer Graebner added that while producers were initially concerned about Turner ending up kissing Nestor, they "loved it."

"Teresa, you grabbed him by the back of his neck and you went in," he recalled. "I don't know if you heard us, we exploded. We were so loud that we had to quiet ourselves down. I think that was the moment we realized this could work. We loved it."

Showrunner Erlich agreed, adding: "It was a really beautiful moment. It really was."

The Bachelor cast. Disney/John Fleno

'It's absolutely heartbreaking'

Meanwhile, Turner went on to describe the most difficult part of filming the reality show, revealing that eliminating women was "without a doubt" the hardest.

"Ultimately, it's heartbreaking when you know you have to send some of these women home," Turner said.

"You make good friendships, good relationships, good connections, and you work really hard to do that because you want to be good at every situation that's put in front of you," he continued, according to People magazine The possibilities are open.”