22 years ago, Britney Spears wore the most famous look of the 2000s

Decades later, Britney Spears' live performances are still considered among the best in the industry. From the late '90s until December 31, 2017 (her last show to date), Spears pulled out all the stops whenever she took the stage: the choreography was top-notch, her energy was high, she The costumes later became famous in history.

With each award show appearance, Spears' stage outfits get better and better. However, her most famous performance look was that of a live snake.

Britney Spears 2001 MTV VMAs Look

On September 6, 2001, Spears debuted a song that quickly topped the charts: "I'm A Slave 4 U."

Midway through the ceremony, the curtain rose to reveal a jungle-style set and backup dancers in sexy animal costumes. As she began singing "You all look at me like I'm a little girl..." Spears stepped out and unveiled a sparkly two-piece bra and shorts set.

She wore a leaf-green bra with a crystal brooch and lace-up details, custom-made by legendary designer duo Kurt and Bart, who went on to design many more pieces for Spears.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

On the bottom, she wore a pair of tiny shorts decorated with a shimmering butterfly pattern, making the most of her love for the low-rise silhouette. The tiny shorts had flowing fabric on either side of the hips that moved as she danced.

The four-minute VMA production immediately made headlines — not just because of the quality and costumes, but also because the song had yet to be released. Her surprise debut, two weeks ahead of its official release date, effectively created buzz for the line.

her sparkling accessories

The entire look was quintessentially 2000s, but it was her accessories that cemented it as classic Britney style. The glittery additions stretched from head to toe, starting with a temporary glitter tattoo strategically placed on her chest.

Then there were her knee-high boots, which featured a venomous green snake sewn in sequins, and a huge bejeweled cuff that matched her bra. Her signature belly button ring was also accessorized for the occasion.

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Last but not least: Banana Snake

The most noteworthy costume is the "Banana" (fitting, since it's yellow), which is her famous albino Burmese python draped over her shoulders.

Spears talks about the iconic and apparently terrifying moment in her new memoir , The Woman In Me . "I just looked down because I thought if I looked up and saw its eyes it would kill me," she wrote.

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Looks like well worth the risk.