White Lotus star Meghann Fahy left 'depressed' by episode with two past couples

As filming for the third season of "White Lotus" is about to begin in Thailand, the cast has also been announced. Season 1's Natasha Rothwell (Belinda Lindsay) is the only returning star from the show so far, but Season 2 star Megan Fay recently gave fans hope, She and other veterans may return at some point in the future. She told Deadline she was "frustrated" to reprise her role as Daphne Sullivan in at least one episode that creator Mike White dreamed up more than a year ago.

Couples from the past unite

When discussing how Daphne could come back, Fache recalled an idea White had shared with her before. He considered bringing together two couples from different seasons: Daphne and Cameron Sullivan (Theo James), and honeymoon couple Sean and Rachel Patton (Jake Lacy and Jack Lacy) from the first season. Alexandra Daddario).

"He once said he would love to do an episode with Theo and I and the couple from season one, Alex and Jack," she told Deadline. "It was just the four of us, like on a boat. Just one of those episodes."

Although Fahey said she thought it was "a little bit psychotic," she was interested in doing it. "I'm frustrated," she said.

Megan Fahy (Daphne) and Theo James (Cameron) in The White Lotus Season 2 Fabio Lovino/HBO

share ideas

Fahey wasn't the only White Lotus star to discuss his ideas with White. In October 2022, Lacey told the Radio Times that both he and Daddario received text messages from White while the second season was being produced.

"He texted Alex and me from Italy, where they were filming, and he said, 'I have an idea for a standalone 30-minute episode, kind of Linklater style,'" he said. "Basically, the two of us were on a yacht in the Caribbean with another WASP-esque wealthy couple."

If this sounds like something more should be built, it's not. Lacey explains that the four of them would only have "banal rich people conversations" and never go anywhere else. "I thought, 'This is great. This is the funniest thing," he said.

Alexandra Daddario (Rachel) and Jake Lacy (Sean) in White Lotus Season 2 Mario Perez/HBO

all star season

It looks like a couple crossover plot won't be coming to Season 3, but White's other comments are sparking hope. He talked about bringing back many past characters in the future, explaining to The Hollywood Reporter in May that he thought it would be "more interesting to have little clues in the show than a completely disconnected episode." "If the show lasts for a few seasons, an All-Stars season would be fun," he added.