Huge Shakira statue makes fans make the same joke

The Colombian city of Barranquilla has presented hometown hero Shakira with a huge honor, capping off her already wildly successful 2023: a 21-foot-tall bronze statue of the pop star. Shakira and her family gave it their seal of approval on the day of its unveiling, December 26, and fans did the same on social media. Many people love it so much that they can't seem to stop comparing it to the Statue of Liberty.

The story of two goddesses

The Statue of Liberty has been an iconic part of the New York City skyline since it was dedicated in 1886, but many Shakira fans believe her statue has overtaken the famous landmark. “Never thought I’d see the day the Statue of Liberty was humbled, today is the day,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Honestly, I’m not impressed with how the goddesses publicly displayed Shakira for us. The statue was shocked."

Many joked that after the unveiling of Shakira's statue, the Statue of Liberty - for all its 151-foot-tall glory - had become a ruin. "New Shakira statue unveiled today," one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "The Statue of Liberty comes off the floor!!" Another netizen quipped: "Oh Shakira, don't end up like this with the Statue of Liberty."

Shakira statue in Barranquilla, Colombia STR/AFP/Getty Images

The Statue of Liberty in New York City DEA/W. BUSS/De Agostini/Getty Images

There are also many memes imagining the reaction of the Statue of Liberty upon seeing the statue of Shakira. Fans imagined it shockingly "falling into the Atlantic", trying to find a new job and judging another statue with envy. One person concluded: "Shakira's statue can hold a torch, but the Statue of Liberty can never dance 'anywhere'."

People are even calling for major changes: "We need to replace the Statue of Liberty with Shakira. Except bigger." Another fan wrote: "This is my Statue of Liberty," while someone else added, " Honestly, it’s so real and I want Shakira to be my Statue of Liberty.”

Shakira's Symbolism

Like the Statue of Liberty, the Shakira statue has its own symbolic meaning. Sculpted by Yino Márquez, it shows Shakira belly dancing and has a plaque underneath that reads: "A creative heart, hips that don't lie, unparalleled talent , the voice that moved the masses, marching barefoot for the benefit of the people." Children and humanity. According to the New York Times , Barranquilla Mayor Jaime Pumarejo said a year ago that he and city officials aimed to honor local figures who inspire young people and attract tourists.

Shakira performs at the 2023 MTV Video Music AwardsJason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The pop icon shared a photo of the statue on her Instagram on December 26 and made it clear that she loves it. "I am happy to share this with my parents and especially with my mother on her birthday," Shakira wrote partly in Spanish. As for the tribute on the plaque, she called it "too much for her little heart."