Watch Zac Efron and The Iron Claw Line Dance in 'Joyful' Wedding Scene

Zac Efron's dancing skills are once again in the spotlight. With Claws opening in theaters on December 22, the film's distributor A24 has shared a clip from the film's touching wedding scene, which features Efron with costars Lily James, Jeremy Allen White, Harris ·Dickinson danced with Stanley Simmons.

a balancing act

This sports biopic centers on professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich (Efron) and his family, telling a story filled with tragedy. As writer-director Sean Durkin recently told, having "beautiful, loving, funny moments" is necessary to balance out the more devastating parts. That's What He Lets Kevin and his wife Pam Adkisson (James) join his brothers Kerry (White), David (Dickinson) and Mike (Simmons) as John ·The reason for line dancing to Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” .

"I wanted a really happy wedding, and I wanted it to be loose and pure," Durkin said. "Next thing, David was going to have this happen underneath the surface, and I just wanted to have this very pure moment before things fell apart."

And the line dancing did bring fans a scene to appreciate. "I love this dance in Iron Claws where they do the dance at the wedding and then the movie ends and nothing else happens and everyone is fine," one fan said on X (formerly Twitter) jokingly responded to the video. Another called it "the only happy moment in the movie."

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dancing with the stars

Fans on social media commented on the Iron Claw star's footwork and Texas swagger. Many were excited to see Efron use the skills he honed in past roles such as the High School Musical movies, Hairspray and The Greatest Showman . "Zac Efron will always stand out in the dance scene, such is Kenny Ortega's everlasting influence," one person tweeted, referring to the HSM director. Others said seeing him dance was enough to sell them in the movie and called for him to appear on Dancing with the Stars .

Meanwhile, one viewer wondered why they couldn't see White's footwork, asking if he "is a bad dancer?" Another praised James because she "didn't have to work so hard for this dance scene, but she Did it." Others praised the "talented cast" in TikTok comments and shared positive comments about the film, including noting they were "still crying."

Brothers on and off screen

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The line dance scene in the movie is one of many well-choreographed scenes in the film. White said in A24's official first look video that his role as their "god-like" wrestler put them through "demanding" training with professionals. For Efron, "it feels like no other movie he's done before," White said, adding that "there's a bromance between them now."