Cynthia Nixon Reacts to Sara Ramirez Like That Exit

Two seasons have passed and a third is about to launch and it’s just that… give and take away. Several stars have left the Sex and the City spinoff ahead of its third season, which is currently in production, including Sara Ramirez, who played Che Diaz.

Now, Ramirez's co-stars are talking about their absence.

Why did Che leave?

To recap: In the second season of This Is It , Che and Miranda broke up after a rocky endeavor. But even after that, Che remained an important part of the show and its core group of friends — even letting Carrie and Aidan stay in their apartment when he wasn't setting foot in her home.

So it was a surprise when news of Ramirez's departure broke earlier this year. However, Cynthia Nixon (who plays Miranda) recently revealed some news about her exit. “They created such an amazing character — such a controversial character, but such an amazing character,” she told Variety on May 30. "I think both they and [showrunner] Michael Patrick [King] felt that the character had reached its end. They came in and shook things up, and then the arc was complete."

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Nixon, for his part, is excited that Miranda is not currently in a committed relationship. "I do feel like our show always works best when people are dating," she explains. (In fact, Miranda's awkward date with the audiobook narrator was one of the high points of season two.)

Likewise, Nixon told Entertainment Weekly that she found Che and Miranda's story "really exciting." She added that if Che does come back, it could be more of a friend to Carrie than a romantic turn for Miranda.

Luckily, the Gilded Age star says she and Ramirez are real-life friends — though she misses working together. "I mean, Sara and I have a lot of exposure to Palestine and what's going on. So we talk a lot," Nixon said, adding that Ramirez showed up to express their concern about Nixon's seven-year disappearance . ” opening night support.

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Another star isn't coming back

In Season 3 of This Is It , Miranda's inner circle continues to shrink. Karen Pittman, who plays Nia Wallace, is also exiting - Max cited the actor's commitment to other series as the reason for her departure.

Sarita Choudhury, who plays Seema in the show, recently reacted to the series exit in an interview with Radio Times. “It’s definitely hard to imagine because it takes a while to integrate into a team,” she said. "And, I know they're doing other things now, so I'm happy for them."