Here's Why Kate and Anthony Are Unlikely to Appear in Bridgerton Season 4

While Colin and Penelope's love story is the focus of Bridgerton season 3, other romances have fans obsessed as well. Take Kate and Anthony for example. After their anxious courtship in Season 2, the couple returned in the latest episode as the epitome of marital bliss. Spoilers ahead.

Even with limited screen time, they still introduced some sweet and passionate moments to the "Kanthony" classic, from pillow talk to pregnancy announcements. Unfortunately, we probably won't see that much of Bridgerton when it returns for season 4.

Kanthony is full moon

At Colin and Penelope's wedding in episode seven, Kate tells Anthony about Edwina's new husband in India. "She even rode with him! I was envious," she said. "You can't imagine how charming our small towns in India are. I haven't ridden there in a long time."

"Well, I'd love to see it...actually, I'd love to see it as soon as possible," Anthony said, suggesting they begin the months-long journey before the baby is born.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Anthony explains that their children will always be Bridgertonians. "But I want them to know that they are also Sharma people and understand their history," the Viscount said. “It’s important to me to understand this so we can share this history with our children.”

they will come back eventually

Luckily, Anthony promised they would return to London, which may have reassured both Kate and viewers at home. As actor Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony, told Bustle last year, "It's a lovely thing to be able to go away and come back. We're a tribe."

However, this may be in the distant future. Not only do Bailey and Simone Ashley, who plays Kate, have increasingly busy schedules, but the logistics of their character's departure don't allow for a quick return.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

The New York Times, citing excerpts from the history book Passage East, suggests that it could have taken six months to travel from London to present-day Mumbai (Kate's original destination) during this period.

As for their return, it's hard to imagine Kate and Anthony going on such a long journey with a baby, so it could be a few years before they're reunited with the Bridgerton family. (In the Bridgerton books, Kate is not from India, so there is no material to draw from.)

If this theory holds true, the show is actively addressing future absences. Compared to Daphne and Simon's disappearance, this development will have an in-universe explanation and feels like a natural evolution of Canoni's love story.