How Taylor Swift Trained for the Eras Tour

Over the past nine months, the epic Eras tour has taken Taylor Swift across five continents and to 151 shows, where she belted out ballads and danced for hours on end - sometimes even in the pouring rain.

It's truly a feat, as anyone who attended the show, or watched it on film via the Eras Tour movie, knows: During her 180-minute-long concert, Swift performed more than 40 songs, doing There were more than a dozen costume changes and a complex choreography cycle.

"I knew this tour was going to be much more difficult than any tour I'd ever done before," she said in an interview with TIME Magazine's 2023 Person of the Year. Therefore, the singer started training months in advance.

Swift is ready

During the interview, Swift joked that she used to tour "like a frat guy," certainly implying that she put in minimal effort in preparation. Not this time.

"Every day I would run on the treadmill and sing the whole thing out loud," the singer told Time of her training regimen. "Fast songs are suitable for fast tempo, while slow songs are suitable for jogging or brisk walking."

Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Swift also does strength training at her Dogpound gym, combining weight lifting and conditioning to prepare for her stage-ready endurance.

Her intense dance training

The singer also underwent three months of dance training before the Eras tour. Target? Do each move over and over again until the choreography becomes second nature.

"I wanted to rehearse so much so I could say silly things to the fans and not lose my train of thought on stage," she told Time magazine, admitting that choreography "isn't her strong suit."

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To get the dance moves home, Swift took a recommendation from her friend Emma Stone and worked with choreographer Mandy Moore, who helped Stone on the set of "La La Land."

She adopted a non-drinking lifestyle

While on tour, Swift occasionally took a day off. In between gigs, she's often spotted hanging out with friends or cheering in the stands at her boyfriend Travis Kelce's football games.

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But one thing she won't do is drink. Swift told Time magazine that she gave up drinking to ensure she always had enough energy to perform. “Doing that show while hungover — I didn’t want to know about that world.”