Your August Moon Song Ideas, Ranked by One Direction Vibes

If you're missing One Direction after an eight-year indefinite hiatus, a new boy band will fill the void in your heart - sort of. August Moon, the fictional band featured in Anne Hathaway's new film The Idea of ​​You , may not become mainstream music in real life, but they've become very real in the hearts (and playlists) of audiences.

Although "The Idea of ​​You" has only been available on Prime Video for a few days, August Moon already has a dedicated fan base (the Moonheads), over 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and a small, A strong catalog that harkens back to the boy band glory days.

The film stars Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes Campbell (yes, he does sing), Jaiden Anthony as Adrian, and little Raymond Raymond Cham Jr. plays Oliver, Viktor White plays Simon, and Dakota Adan plays Rory. The cast and crew cited many inspirations in the creation of "August Moon," from *NSYNC to Taylor Swift. But naturally, fans who flock to August Moon will think of One Direction.

Since Bustle understands the need for important news coverage, here are seven of August Moon's songs and ballads, ranked subjectively based on the level of 1D vibes each song exudes.

7. "Taste"

August in "Your Thoughts". Alyssa Weatherill/Prime

There's no doubt that "Taste" is a familiar song, taking inspiration from Doja Cat's "Say So" and Kylie Minogue to create a disco-pop sound. But One Direction has never written a song like this. The fact that no famous boy band actually has this flavor means that the "flavor" gives August Moon its unique flavour.

6. “Dance before you walk.”

August Moon shifts from '70s disco to '80s rink on "Dance Before We Walk," inspired by the pulsating power pop of The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" and Dua Lipa's "Physical." It's a certified party and workout song, but more stylish and modern than anything 1D touched in their heyday.

5. "Be a chivalrous person"

Technically one of Hayes' first solo outings, "Go Rogue" was inspired by his relationship with Solena (Hathaway). As a result, it sounds like the kind of mature track that 1D members Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson might do, with folk influences and a dramatic tone.

4. “What’s on your mind”

To be clear, Galizin's solo acoustic version of "The Idea Of You" could pass for a classic One Direction ballad. (The duet version with Anne-Marie could work as a Zayn solo track.) A simple love anthem wouldn't work in this case, and would be an ideal closer to a 1D album.

3. "Closer"

Nicholas Galatzine as Hayes Campbell in "On Your Mind"

August Moon performed "Closer" at Coachella so Hayes could get Solène's attention. It was later revealed that the band would interrupt the show to play the song when the band members wanted to impress the audience, and 1D liked to do cheesy things on stage. Even the stupid behavior of the other singers is the pinnacle of one-dimensional behavior. It also helps that "Closer" fits easily into their earlier albums.

2. "I Found You"

"I Got You" has all the best of One Direction: warm acoustic production, soaring boy-band harmonies, and an inspiring message that could also serve as a romantic proposition for fans of their dreams. It's reminiscent of their 2012 single "Little Things" - but without the weird lyrics about your thighs.

1. "Relax your guard"

If you'd told me "Guard Down" was the one song One Direction had left in the vault when they were recording their first two albums (imitating Taylor Swift), I would have believed you. It feels like a mature evolution of What Makes You Beautiful, getting a little raunchier without alienating fans like Stockholm Syndrome. The music video, in which Hayes and the band play sexy professors in plaid uniforms, also feels very one-dimensionally coded. No wonder Solena flew to New York immediately after seeing his video.