Taylor Swift fan theory predicts she will release 12th album

Taylor Swift just gave fans a whopping 31 new songs on The Tortured Poets Department and updated her Eras tour to include her latest album. But some fans think she gave us more. A viral theory on TikTok predicts the singer will release another new album before her record-breaking journey ends, and it's all stemming from her tour merchandise.

As TikToker @caitpatton points out, the original Eras Tour poster featured images from Swift's 10 studio albums, with each era given its own color and arranged in chronological order. However, Midnights occupied three of the artwork's 12 squares instead of one, leading fans to speculate that she would release two more albums before the Eras tour.

Updated Eras tour merchandise

Swift's theory proved at least partially correct when she announced "The Tortured Poets Department" on February 4, less than halfway through her tour schedule. While she revamped her Eras tour with a May 9 show in Paris, adding the new album to the setlist, she also updated her merchandise with a new tour poster.

The Tortured Poet image now occupies the center two squares, with each of the eras surrounding it, while Midnight is in the lower right corner.

Taylor Swift's new Eras Tour merchandise features an image of the tortured poet . Taylor Swift

This has led TikTokers to speculate that Swift will release her 12th studio album before the end of the Eras tour, filling all 12 squares on the poster. The singer is currently scheduled to perform until the end of 2024, with the tour ending in Vancouver on December 8. However, if she adds more dates in 2025, as some fans suspect, there's more room for another album to be released during that time.

orange theory

Adding to this theory, as early as March 2023 when the Eras tour began, fans suspected that the color of Swift's next album would be orange, one of the few albums she has never used. Credit to her many orange Easter egg performances in "Karma." This didn't work out for Tormented Poet as white was the defining color of this era, but maybe she had planned this for another album.

Taylor Swift performs on Eras Tour Marcelo Endeli/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Swift has also made a habit of announcing her new "Taylor Edition" albums on stage and releasing them on tour, such as Speak Now (TV) and 1989 (TV) . She'll probably do the same thing with her last two re-recordings of "Reputation" and "Taylor Swift" instead of making another album.

Or as @caitpatton speculates, she will release these two remastered records along with her 12th studio album before the Eras tour finally wraps up. Knowing how Swift operates, she is often generous in deciding how much music to provide to Swift's band.