Billie Eilish's 'The Diner' Lyrics Tell a Very Disturbing Story

Billie Eilish won't let you get away with it. On May 17, the singer released her third studio album, Hit Me Hard and Soft , one of her most adventurous yet personal albums to date. She dives deeper than ever into her sexuality, body image, and her painful experience of being stalked on "The Diner."

Eilish and her collaborator brother Finneas O'Connell wrote "Dinner" from the perspective of her own stalker. Rather than running away from the situation, she puts herself in their shoes, outlining their predatory patterns and naming the delusions running through their heads.

"I saw you on the screen and I knew we were meant to be," she began. "I'll be waiting in your neighborhood, but please don't call the police."

It doesn't take long for the situation to turn life-threatening, with Eilish recounting how a stalker broke into her home in the chorus.

"I waited on the corner until I saw the babysitter leave, it was easy to pass and I stood up," she sings. "I came in from the kitchen looking for something to eat and I left a business card so they knew it was me."

Eilish's Tracker

On May 15, Billie Eilish attended her Hit Me Hard And Soft Listening party in New York. Arturo Holmes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since becoming famous, Eilish has been open about her experiences with stalking. In 2021, she was served a five-year civil harassment order against a man who camped opposite her parents' home, later telling The Irish Times that dealing with the stalker left her terrified of being alone.

"I do like anonymity or autonomy, but I get really angry when I'm alone," she said. "I hate it. I have a lot of stalkers and people trying to do bad things to me."

In February 2023, Eilish obtained a temporary restraining order after she spotted a man standing naked outside her living room window. In November, she secured a penalty against another stalker who reportedly sent her and her family hundreds of messages, including "disturbing love comments" about her, TMZ reported occupation" and "threats of violence" against Finneas.

telephone number

Billie Eilish hosted a "Hit Me Hard And Soft" listening party on May 16 in Inglewood, California. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"The Diner" ends with a blatant threat and a phone number delivered by Eilish in a haunting whisper. Fortunately, nothing bad will happen if you actually call it.

Fans who call 310-807-3956 will be greeted by friendly Eilish who says "Hello?" before announcing that she can't hear them and will call back. If you send a message to this number, you can sign up to receive text messages from the singer himself.

"Diners" Lyrics

Read the full lyrics to the song below.

don't be afraid of me
I'm all you need
I see you on the screen
I know we are meant to be
You are the protagonist in my dreams and magazines
You're looking at me (You're looking at me)
I'm here 24/7
I'm waiting on your block (I'm waiting on your block)
But please don't call the police
They tell me to stop and I just wanna talk (I just wanna talk)
Bet I can change your life
You can be my wife (wife, wife)
May get into a fight (fight)
I'll say, "You're right," and you'll kiss me goodnight
I waited on the corner until I saw the babysitter leave
It went over easily and I had my feet on the ground
I came in from the kitchen looking for something to eat
I left a phone card so they knew it was me
I tried to save you but I failed
Bail $250,000 ($250,000)
Don't read my mail when I'm not here (Don't read my mail)
Just put on the veil (Just put on the veil) and come visit me in prison (Visit me in prison)
I will go back to the restaurant
I will write another letter (I will write another letter)
I hope you can read it this time, you better
When I tried to leave, the police on the corner stopped me
They told me I was crazy, they knocked me down (They told me I was crazy)
They come in from the kitchen looking for some discrete items
I left a phone card so they knew it was me
(Ah ah ah, do you know it’s me?)
I remembered your phone number and now I will call you when needed
I tried to end it all but now I'm back on my feet
I saw you in the car with someone else and couldn't sleep
If anything happens to him, you can bet it's me.

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