The 10 Best Moments from Dr. Bailey's Grey's Anatomy Era

The Grey's Anatomy Season 20 premiere ended with Nick Marsh dropping out of the Grey Sloan Memorial residency program, assuring the interns that he'd found a great match. Ability Substitute: Dr. Miranda Bailey.

"I have five rules," she says as she walks into the room, like the hero in an Avengers post-credits scene. Except better, because Bailey, played by Chandra Wilson, has been the stalwart, no-nonsense, beloved centerpiece of the hospital for two decades. When she steps in again to mentor the young doctors, she does so with a heavy dose of Grey's nostalgia.

As the show's newly appointed showrunner (and longtime writer) Meg Marinis recently told Bustle, there's a reason why Season 20 has a retro MAGIC vibe. “I love telling stories with my interns,” she explains. “Attendance shouldn’t always screw up, but interns can, and it’s really fun to write about.”

When the interns screw up, you can be sure Bailey won't be far from them - supervising them, motivating them, and maybe giving them some tough love as needed.

In honor of Bailey's return to her days as a Trainee Boss, here are her best moments leading the original Grey's class of Meredith, Alex, George, Izzy, and Cristina.

when she met magic


Bailey's "I Have Five Rules" in Season 20 hearkens back to her first days with the interns in the Grey's Anatomy series premiere. To recap, 1) don't suck up; 2) answer every page at once; 3) don't wake Bailey unless your patient is dying; 4) don't let your patient die before Bailey arrives; 5 ) When she moves, you move too.

In retrospect, it's surprising that Pele already had such an utterly condescending image early on. She's a resident herself, wearing light blue scrubs and all!

Crash MerDer's Hookup


Bailey was definitely not Meredith-Derek's shipper, at least not early in their relationship, when they snuck out and blocked her during a secret car hookup. She stepped forward to interrupt their scene? Movie.

Put Derek in his place.


Bailey soon accused Derek of his "brilliant, neurotic, overly adoring" charisma and his problematic romance with the intern. In another show, a superior might use this as an opportunity to humiliate her intern. But after countless rewatches, it's clear that Bailey has been keeping an eye on Meredith's career, and it's fun to watch her stand up to Derek to do just that.

"I'm fine here."


In season two, Bailey stood by Christina's side when she had to undergo emergency surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy. "I'm fine here," she assured Addison, who didn't actually need her during the procedure. It's touching to see Bailey accompany the interns in such a vulnerable situation, and reveal new dimensions to her character in the process.

her elevator moment of understanding


A few episodes later, we get another quietly sympathetic moment when Derek and Bailey find themselves in an elevator together after a devastating train crash. Bailey saw Derek's normally calm exterior begin to crack, and as he tried to stifle his cries, she silently pressed the elevator's emergency stop button, giving him a chance to escape.

When she invented "Va-jay-jay"


Grey's Anatomy's bombshell episode had it all: fantastic bomb squad boss Kyle Chandler, the greatest moment in Breathe's score history, and most importantly, Bailey telling George that she was Don't look at her "va-jay-jay" anymore. was born—adding a new word to the pop culture lexicon in the process.

As Shonda Rhimes told Oprah Winfrey in 2006, she overheard an assistant using the word and promised to screen it, adding that the broadcast Standard Guidelines have previously bristled at "vagina".

"We fought it and won - but 'va-jay-jay' is our favorite alternative," she explains.

LVAD situation


"You idiots better have a good explanation for this," Bailey told her intern after Izzie cut Denny's LVAD line. Her presence in this messy scene raises the stakes of a messy Season 2 finale, and she quickly goes into action mode, asking the intern to tell her just enough information so she can help Danny, but not So much so that she had to testify against them in season two. court.

She's exactly the kind of person you want by your side in an emergency, and this scene proves it.

“Whose damn underpants are on the bulletin board?”


A model of professionalism in the workplace, Bailey was understandably shocked when she discovered a piece of her intern's underwear pinned under a "Lost and Found" sign on the hospital bulletin board - and her line remains The greatest moments in Grey's Anatomy history.

when she didn't give up on Meredith.


In season three, Meredith is horrified when Bailey tries to revive her after she drowns. Seeing Bailey persevere in the face of adversity is not only moving, but also marks a shift in her understanding of Meredith. She realized that the intern was sometimes a thorn in her boss's side and was just as vulnerable as the other patients in the hospital.

Her heart-to-heart connection with George


Bailey has a soft spot for George. She even honors her son by his middle name! So when he stumbles, like when he failed his internship exam at the end of season three, it's heartening to see her be there for him. Tearfully asking him, "Have I let you down?" She grabbed George's hand when he insisted he'd let her down , and Bailey's cool exterior gained a little more - hinting that she was. The next season will be spent growing into that surgeon.